a two-faced suit case.

One of the things I started painted on the painting day that I shared a last week was a suitcase that I picked up at a garage sale last summer.

That’s it in the ‘before’ photo above.

I think it looks slightly more interesting in that photo that it really was.  It was just your basic hard sided Samsonite.  So I decided to paint it.

I started by painting the bottom portion with Fusion’s Coal Black.  Once that was dry, I taped off a line and painted the top portion in Fusion’s Casement, which is one of their brightest whites.

If this is starting to feel familiar to you, that’s probably because I’ve painted a few of these over the years.  You can see them here, here and here.  That last link is to a post from 2015 when I was going to have a suitcase painting class at my house.  That idea was a bust, by the way.  No one signed up, which was a bit of a bummer.

But anyway, after getting that far with the suitcase I was debating what stencil to use on it when the Christmas sign I painted for my sister caught my eye.

I realized it would fit perfectly on the suitcase.

How cute would that be set up beneath your Christmas tree?  Or sitting beside the door in your foyer to welcome your holiday guests?

But of course it occurs to me that no one wants a suitcase that they can only put out at Christmas.

So why not add a different stencil to the other side?

Once Christmas is over, you can just flip it around.

Now it’s a two-faced suitcase!

37 thoughts on “a two-faced suit case.

  1. Love the stencil and the suircase. The color blocking looks really clean and fresh and I really like the idea to use both sides … could also do a Fall themed on one side and Thanksgiving on the other side. Possibilities are endless. Good job, as always.


  2. I just love the stencils you use. You have noted that the Christmas tree one you purchased from Etsy. Can you share where the Jardin one is from and also the one you used for the black sled in an earlier post?


    1. Well, sadly the Jardin de Fleurs stencil was from an Etsy vendor called dREXart and they closed their ‘shop’ back in March. I haven’t been able to find another source for that one which is a bummer. The Chateau Marmont stencil on the black sled was from Maison de Stencils (link here for exact stencil). And actually I found Maison de Stencils via Etsy originally as well. It’s fair to say that I find most of my stencils that way 🙂


  3. Love it!

    And I, too, would like to know where the stencil is from, and other stencil sources you use?

    Beautiful piece, as always!


  4. Glad to see this post. I just ordered the Christmas stencil from Amazon yesterday and bought an old saw last weekend. Now I have another idea! I love this two faced suitcase and have two in my garage just waiting for their makeover. Great job, Linda.


    1. Awesome! And as you have probably noticed, you can play around with the colors you use with the stencil but you’ll have to mask off parts of the stencil with painters tape as you go. Easy peasy 🙂


  5. I totally agree with Terri on the color blocking it does give the case a fresh new look. And of course addition of the stencils makes it. I love using vintage suitcases as accessories not only do they look great but because they are also good for storage.


    1. I happen to have a little bit of a vintage suitcase addiction. I probably have to add them to my growing list of non-collections. I was looking around my house the other day and realized I have more than a dozen of them. I think a dozen qualifies them as an official non-collection, right?


  6. Quandie, I have the same ‘blah’ brown suitcase that holds my acrylic artist paints. I need to glam it up to look more like yours — maybe the new look will even give me more inspiration for my paintings! 🙂


  7. Practical with the two sides done differently yet fun! The black and white does look very clean. And of course i love the tree stencil.


  8. I love multi-use items – this is really great – and that black/white line is PERFECT! And your paint work looks so SMOOTH! Well done on “both counts” 🙂


  9. Just found your site because someone mentioned being impressed w/ Fusion, which I’ve lately “come across,” ending a 2 mo. search for what I, rookie painter, want to do. I’m 78, not at all tech savvy either. Do I get to your blog from your FB pg. (I know-duh.) I have one vintage suitcase (Amelia Earheart) and a couple just old. I imagine “how to’s” are in you blog. Thank you so much. Your work is beautiful. Commented on 2 projects that “blew me away.”


    1. No worries Merrill, or are you Alice? Either way, you are in the right place. You do not have to go through Facebook to get here to the blog, you can just go to https://qisforquandie.com/, which will take you to the most recent post. Then you can scroll down from there going backwards in time indefinitely to the very beginning of my blog.


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