thrift store unicorns.

Every time I go into a thrift store, I check the luggage aisle.  I’m looking for fabulous vintage luggage, but usually I find tacky 80’s and 90’s luggage instead.  I’ve heard mythical stories from those who have found great vintage luggage at Goodwill or other thrift stores, but it has never happened for me.

Then, it happened.  A vintage Samsonite.  Right there in the luggage aisle.  Not only that, but it was half-off day!  I grabbed that suitcase and proudly hauled it over to the cart I was sharing with my friend Meggan with a huge grin on my face.  “Look!”, I proclaimed, “it’s a miracle!” and she said “It’s a thrift store unicorn!”

thrift store unicorn

I also picked up a few other goodies that day.  Another metal box to paint, some MCM glassware, a cute vintage watering can, a cast iron door stop and more.  I always grab decent lampshades when I see them.  This one was in great shape and only 75 cents.  How do you pass that up?

The next day Meggan emailed me.  She had spotted a pair of vintage suitcases on Craigslist.  Not only that, but they were in my neighborhood and in the right price range!  It was like a unicorn trifecta.

craigslist suitcases

Mr. Q and I promptly ran over and picked them up.

And then, a couple of days later, Meggan texted me from Goodwill.  She had spotted yet another thrift store unicorn!  A vintage Samsonite, and she was willing to nab it for me.  Woo hoo!  She is now a bonafide unicorn hunter.

My collection of vintage suitcases is growing.  Some vintage suitcases are totally meant to be left alone.  Like these three.

vintage suitcases

I use these as props in my furniture photos, and also just as decoration in my home.

Meggan has this stack of vintage luggage at her house, and these are also perfect as is.

meggan's vintage suitcases

But the suitcases that I have been stockpiling are destined to be painted.  Potentially even by you!

Stay tuned later in the week when I announce my upcoming Painted Suitcase class!

12 thoughts on “thrift store unicorns.

  1. Very cool I love vintage suitcases as well. It’s also pretty awesome to have friends who get your vibe and like to shop thrift stores with you. Gotta love that!


    1. That is awesome! To me this is the true measure of the success of my last class, that you are willing to come back for more 😉 The details will be posted tomorrow (Wednesday), so stay tuned. Meanwhile, I’ll pencil you in for the first spot!


  2. My granddaughter is a photographer. I shared your post about painting a vintage suitcase with different sayings on each side. She really loved the idea. I think at least one of her vintage suitcases will be getting a makeover!


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