painting 101.

I held my second pop up painting class last weekend, and it was a blast!  I had 4 students, and they all brought some really cool pieces of their own to work on.

painting 101

Patty brought a sweet little black chair.  She wanted to keep it black, but someone had stuck a bunch of masking tape all over the seat.  She removed that with some Goof Off, and then went over the whole chair with some MMS milk paint in Typewriter.  Then she added some stencils, distressed and waxed with the Cece Caldwell Aging Cream.

Here she is sanding away.

Patty sanding

And here is the finished product.

pattys chair

She’s going to use this chair in her bathroom, so she added a little tongue in cheek stencil to the back rest.

pattys chair detail

Ruth brought a cute little bench to paint.

class bench

She was the most experienced of my students, so she was comfortable with mixing up her own custom minty green milk paint using a combination of the MMS Eulalie’s Sky and Luckett’s Green.  Then she added a stenciled grain sack stripe to the top, and a no. 1 to the little shelf below.  She finished her piece with the MMS white wax.  She had always wanted to try the white wax, so this was a good opportunity for her to try it without having to purchase a whole can of it.

painted bench

Isn’t it sweet?

Jenny brought a little Mexican chair with a rush seat to paint.  She said she’s had it since she was a young girl, but the original yellow and red paint job just wasn’t cutting it for her.  Since she didn’t want to see any sign of that original color, she painted a base coat of Annie Sloan chalk paint in Louis Blue on her chair first.

jennys chair before

Then she added a coat of MMS milk paint in Artissimo.  When it came time to distress her piece, I showed her the technique of using a wet paper towel to very gently distress just down to the chalk paint layer.  This worked beautifully for her.

Jenny with her chair

Jennys chair close up

She opted to not paint the seat, but instead just refreshed it with some MMS hemp oil, which I think was a great choice for this little chair.

jennys chair after

Finally we have Kim’s fabulous table.  First I have to tell you that she brought 3 potential pieces along with her because she just couldn’t decide which one to paint.  So we all weighed in.  I wish I had taken pics of all three of her pieces to share, but I didn’t think of it.  Drat.  The first was a little wooden child sized chair that belonged to her grandfather.  I think we were all in agreement that she shouldn’t paint it.  Now you all know me, I will paint most anything.  But this chair had the most beautiful patina and was absolutely lovely as is.  Her next option was an old short step ladder.  Had she just brought that, it would have been a great piece to work on, and I know she would have enjoyed transforming it.  But she also brought a fab small antique side table.  It had been poorly refinished at some point in its life with a not so great shade of stain.  We all agreed that this should be her piece for the class.

She wanted to really go for it, so she chose one of my favorite colors for her table, the MMS Kitchen Scale.

Here is the table before a top coat has been applied.  You can also see the first coat of the Louis Blue on Jenny’s chair in the background.

Kim's table

You can see how much the top coat changes the look of the color in this next picture.

class table closeup

She added more distressing to her piece than the others, and I love the results.

class table

So four great painted pieces went home with four great students!  Plus I think everyone learned a lot about many of the numerous products that are available out there.  And we all had a great time.

Kim sent the nicest email afterwards saying:

“Thank you so much for opening your home, sharing your expertise with us, and allowing us to make a colossal mess in your dining room on Saturday.  My daughter and I are now eagerly planning our first projects.  Since Saturday I have realized the true value of attending a workshop, at least for me: I had to learn a new skill AND complete a project within set time constraints. Left to my own devices, that little table would have taken me three days to complete as I would have dithered over every step, overthinking, rereading directions and trying to anticipate the outcome before acting.  The truth for me is that the most pleasing artistic results seem to come from spontaneity, NOT overthinking.”

And she is so right!

I’m planning to offer a painted suitcase class next.  I’ll be posting more on that next week, so stay tuned!

10 thoughts on “painting 101.

  1. Thank you for the class and sharing your home and experience. I did the stool and have painted my share of furniture but never really understood the properties of all the different paints available. You brought freedom to my painting knowing now I’m not the only one who gets “unusual” or unforeseen outcomes when painting a piece of finished furniture. It has happened to everyone and it’s ok to start over! I love repurposing and creating something new to use in my home or give to others. You have mastered this and the class and your creations are so inspiring!! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and ideas. As Jim Rohn would say – “you go with me”.


  2. Darn! I wish I lived closer! I’d definitely come to your classes. I’m learning as I go……sometimes the hard way. I love your blog, and often think “What would Quandie do with this?”. By the way, I’ve been watching estate sales in the cities, just for the fun of it. I thought maybe this sale might interest you. http://www.EstateSales.NET/estate-sales/MN/Saint-Paul. See the Cottage Chic sale in Highland Park. I LOVE that second set of dining chairs. Thanks for sharing your projects!


  3. I have a table just like this that belonged to my mother. I’ve been looking for a way to make it special and you have provided the answer! Love the stencil on the bottom! I also appreciate you explaining your choices for which pieces to paint! I have that trouble too!


    1. Well, I think I have to give credit to Kim for providing the answer, since she made all of the choices on her table makeover, including adding that stencil to the bottom. It did turn out fantastic, didn’t it?


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