a vintage Christmas.

If you followed my blog last Christmas, you already know that I have a collection of vintage glass Christmas ornaments.  I have a small silver tree that I display most of them on.  Last year I had a big plan to limit my collection to mainly pink, aqua and green, I wrote about that here (and you can see the full tree on that post as well).

Christmas vintage

The pink and aqua are definitely still my faves.


So pretty.

fave stripes

I totally adore this little blue one because of its space age theme.

fave blues

Try to ignore my reflection in the ornament, lol.

But I wasn’t that successful at limiting my collection.  I ended up saving all of the silver and gold ones to decorate my dining room.

fav silver and gold

And I certainly couldn’t part with some of the more unusual ornaments, like these …

teapot ornaments

 A few years ago I used a lot of my plain vintage bulbs to create a wreath.

vintage bulb wreath

I have to laugh at the countless reflections of my black and white checked floor that you can see in this close up.

vintage ornament wreath close up

So, in the end I rarely have very many ornaments that I actually want to get rid of.  But, sometimes I put some aside for my Carriage House sale.  I’m trying to fill this box for next year’s sale.

box of vintage ornaments

I just need six more.  I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for them at garage sales next summer!

9 thoughts on “a vintage Christmas.

  1. Enchanting – I feel as though I have entered a pastel vintage fairy land. I tried to make one of those wreaths a few years ago. I did not realize the amount of ornaments needed. Yours is so pretty! And I love the crackled ironstone piece holding some of the bulbs. And the little hutch in your sunroom/porch is wonderful. Thanks for sharing Linda.


    1. I had to replace a couple of broken bulbs on the wreath this year before I hung it up, and I was reminded how many it took to make it in the first place. Yep, a lotta ornaments! Thanks Victoria.


  2. I love the bulbs, brings back a lot of memories of my childhood, especially when one would get broken….ouch! A giveaway of your unwanteds would be nice……………….


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