the best of both worlds.

When I popped by the Farmhouse Inspired booth at Oronoco Gold Rush back in August, the owner Jody told me she was giving demos on a layering technique that she has been using lately.  She showed me a painted chair that she was using for the demo, and it was fab.  So, I tucked that little bit of info away in the back of my head.  It popped back up when I came across this blah little oak chair that I purchased at a garage sale while my sis was here.

layered chair before Basically, the twist on this layering technique is that you get the best of both worlds; chalk paint and milk paint.  You’ve probably seen the comparisons, the pros and cons of each product.  They both have their place in my heart.  Some projects are more suited for milk paint, and some for chalk paint.  But with this technique, you can take advantage of the best qualities of both!

You start with an undercoat of chalk paint.  Using the chalk paint eliminates the need for much, if any, prep work at all since it will stick without chipping or flaking.  This gives you a base color that can then show through your 2nd layer, which will be milk paint.

In this case, I skipped the prep.  No sanding, no cleaning, no nothin’.  I just painted on one coat of Annie Sloan’s Aubusson.

layer no 1

Oooooo, pretty!  Of course, this is without any sanding or waxing; so far you only see the chalky finish that comes with chalk paint.

Next I wanted to make sure I got lots of chippy-ness with my milk paint, so I used a hemp oil resist.  Basically all this means is that I added a layer of hemp oil in all the spots on the chair that I wanted to get chippy.

hemp oil

Then I mixed up some MMS milk paint in Eulalie’s Sky, and I left it slightly thicker than usual.  I painted on one thick coat.  Since I wanted extra chipping/crackling, I gave it a shot of heat with my blow dryer (this is not the same blow dryer I use on my hair, I swear).

You can see that it is starting to chip from the blow drying.

blow drying

I then left the chair to fully dry overnight.  The next evening I got out the sand paper and sanded harder in areas that I thought would be more worn naturally, and a little more lightly everywhere else.  I was hoping for a lot more chipping, but I did get some fairly realistic looking chips.

sanded chairI was able to sand lightly down to the undercoat in some areas, which gives a worn appearance.  I finished by vacuuming away the dust and adding a final coat of MMS furniture wax.  Here is the final result.

layered chair finalIt’s pretty sweet.

chair final close up

You’ll probably see me experiment with this some more in the future.  I think Annie Sloan’s Duck Egg would make a lovely undercoat with some MMSMP in Linen on top.  I’ll keep you posted if I give that a try!

6 thoughts on “the best of both worlds.

  1. I do this quite a bit and get mixed results. I started out using the wax puck but didn’t get enough of a resist. I wish I could figure out how to get the milk paint to do more of its chippiness. I thought about vaseline, but that just gives more of a resist area, not chipping. Love the colors on the chair!


    1. I’ve never tried the vaseline, simply because I don’t actually have any on hand. Goofy I know, but I keep forgetting to buy it! But, I am with you, always in search of the elusive chippyness!


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