a great success.

I should have trusted that a little cold and blustery weather wouldn’t keep Minnesotans (and a few Wisconsinites) away!  In the end, a good time was had by all at the Carriage House sale.  I tried to get decent pictures, but most of them were total crap.  I got only 2 that were even remotely blog worthy!

2014 Fall Carriage House Sale

Let’s see … both of my painted chairs sold (more on the blue one soon).  The cute little “Let it Snow” suitcase sold, but the striped one did not.  The globe is long gone (people still love globes!), but the table and the mystery cabinet didn’t sell.  Darn.

2014 Fall Carriage House sale

As for this one .. um, well, absolutely nothing pictured here sold.  I still have it all.  Anyone need a chalkboard door?  This door was inspired by a photo on pinterest:

photo via pinterest
photo via pinterest

I’d keep it myself, except I already have a chalkboard door at my house.  I try not to get too redundant at home.  I may put this one on craigslist and see if it sells that way, unless any of you need a chalkboard door ($40).  It has a fantastic vintage doorknob plate that you can see in my photo.

Despite that fact that not much in these two pictures sold, I actually sold quite a bit of furniture.  Probably more pieces than I’ve ever sold at my sale before.  So that was pretty exciting.  I was really thrilled that three of my little painted miniature cabinets sold.  I was worried that perhaps I was the only one with such a fascination for all things tiny, but apparently not!

Best of all, the sale was just a lot of fun.  I love to see familiar faces that have been coming to my sale for years as well as some new faces.  And I also am very grateful each year for my friends that come and help me out.  I couldn’t do it without them, and they all are willing to help year after year, which is quite awesome.

Now it’s time to clear out the Carriage House to make room for the vehicles, bring all of the supplies inside the house so they don’t freeze, and start thinking about how I’m going to get my furniture painting fix indoors again this winter.  Thanks goodness MMS’s milk paint has zero VOC’s!

8 thoughts on “a great success.

    1. Thanks Darrielle! I am planning to spend some time relaxing this week .. well, except I am about to run out of painting weather, so I may have to paint just a couple of pieces while I can still do so in the Carriage House. Once it freezes outside, I’ll have plenty of time to wear fuzzy p.j.’s and watch movies all day 😉


  1. 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃 so happy it went well! I am not at all surprised. Love those suitcases I think I would have bought them as a set. I continue to be envious of your carriage house/garage. Funny how one’s taste changes over the years. With four children in tow and transferring all over we always chose new subdivisions to live in.
    Our houses sold quickly and those were the days of earning quick equity. Now I would prefer a small farmhouse with a few acres and a pond.


    1. Mr. Q and I had a couple of brushes with the idea of cashing out our equity and getting something bigger or fancier, but I have to say we are both really glad we never did. We love our modest farmhouse, and it doesn’t strain our budget. Thus leaving room for the important stuff, like trips to Budapest!


      1. We did build a home in the mountains an hour from town and commuted for 6 years. Too far from civilization grocery store 25 miles away in was a small cottage just a darling home. Honestly the price of gas kept going up so we moved back to the suburbs. To buy a place like yours in Greenville now would cost a small fortune but the charm factor is out of this world.
        Have a wonderful time on your world trek.
        Did the wool throws sell?


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