the perfect Saturday.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned in the past that Mr. Q does weddings.  As the officiant.  Last Saturday he had back to back weddings.  The first wedding was a morning wedding being held at Cindyrella Gardens.  Here is the view from their parking lot, gorgeous, right?

cindyrella gardens

I dropped off Mr. Q and headed straight for an estate sale sign that we saw on the way down.  The estate was massive, a giant house filled with giant (and expensive) stuff.  Not really my thing, except I grabbed some art.  They had a lot of original artwork, and some was reasonably priced (I assume they are by no one famous!).

estate sale art 1

I plan to paint the frame on this one, perhaps a nice charcoal grey.

By the time I was through the check out line, Mr. Q had the happy couple all hitched up and was ready to head off for wedding number 2, which just happened to be in Oronoco.  Which was basically a sign from above telling me that I absolutely was going back to the Oronoco Gold Rush this year.

Oronoco is a little over an hour south of here, just north of Rochester, MN.  Once a year they host an antiques flea market that takes over the entire town.  It’s filled with fantastic vintage-y stuff as far as the eye can see.  I was a little surprised that someone from Oronoco would choose to get married during Gold Rush weekend, but hey, who am I to question the way the universe comes together?

Not only did I get to go to Gold Rush, but we got paid mileage for driving there for a wedding.  Score!

gold rush patriotic

It seems like each year the vendors get better and better.  Quite honestly, it is almost overwhelming to be surrounded by so much fantastic vintage stuff.

gold rush baggage collage

If you want some vintage luggage, this is the place to find it.

gold rush bags and globe

How about a cupboard with a patina that you just can’t fake?

gold rush patina

 There were lots of things in my fave color, aqua, and how about this pretty lampshade dressed up with a vintage apron?

2014 summer blog28

I was in the market for a vintage fan to use for photo shoots, but this one was a bit out of my price range.

gold rush fan

However, aren’t the little paper dress price tags the cutest thing ever?!  I asked the vendor if she was selling the tags and she said no, but she had some extras, did I want them for 50 cents each?  Heck yeah I did!  Not only did she sell me a bunch of them, she also showed me how to make them … now let’s see … how did that go again?

gold rush paper dresses

On top of being surrounded by all of this vintage yummy-ness, I also ran in to a few people I know.  Like Jody from Farmhouse Inspired in Hudson.  She was giving demonstrations on both the Miss Mustard Seed milk paint, and another paint line that she carries, American Paint Company.  I was so engrossed in our conversation about paint, that I completely forgot to take pics in her booth.  She was kind enough to give me a sample of the clay/mineral based paint from American Paint Company, and I also purchased some of their Navajo White for an upcoming project.

gold rush paint

I also ran into the guy who made my warehouse cart coffee table, Ferrous Furnishings.  Remember it?

factory cart

He was selling some very cool stuff, like this cool lamp and awesome cart.

2014 summer blog29

 I also walked into the most charming booth by Vintage of Ada.  The gal running it looked so familiar to me.  Turned out we had met at Junk Bonanza.  She had the most amazing travel typewriter and the cutest little vintage toy stove (you know how I love miniature stuff!).

2014 summer blog30

She also had some fab vintage clocks and scales.

2014 summer blog31

All in all, I had a fantastic time wandering around, drooling over gorgeous stuff.  I didn’t bring home much myself, the paint, a clock, a pretty sugar bowl (sometimes I can’t help myself) and a tote made out of salvaged barn wood (you’ll see that again later in the week).  But I loved looking!

gold rush stuff

My perfect Saturday almost had a calamitous ending though.  You see, the plan was that Mr. Q would text me when he was ready to pick me up.  I forgot to factor in the possibility that the Gold Rush was located in a black hole of cell service.  Sure enough, around the time I was expecting him to text, I checked my phone.  No service.  We should have made a better plan!

I looked around, the place was a mass of people and a maze of booths.  Even I wasn’t sure where I was, Mr. Q would never find me.

The sun was beating down on me, I was carrying the barn wood tote, and the paint and my camera all of which were getting heavier by the second.  I was thirsty and there wasn’t a bit of shade to be found.  All I could think was that I might be wandering around for hours, lost in a sea of vintage.

I tried to use my head and I walked to the spot where Mr. Q had dropped me off.  He wasn’t there.  But then I saw a bridge over the river ahead and decided perhaps I could get cell service out there.  Sure enough, I had a signal!  All was not lost.  I called Mr. Q and he picked me up about 5 minutes later where I was waiting in the shade of this old building.

gold rush buildingAnd thus, my perfect Saturday ended perfectly.

Hey … is there a ghostly figure watching us through those upper windows, or is it just me?

8 thoughts on “the perfect Saturday.

  1. Man sounds like a wonderful day. So pretty that first shot. Can you even believe that wedding was on the same weekend as the flea. Sounds like good karma to me. As for the ghostly figure you just never know….strange things are about


    1. Doesn’t that paint job make you want to attempt to replicate it? Would be a challenge to keep it from looking too garish, but I just love the patina and the colors.


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