tiny cupboards.

In the wine, makes me feel happy, makes me feel fine.  Bubbles, cupboards … get it?  Oh never mind.

It has been the summer of the tiny cupboard.  Sometimes it goes this way, there is a particular unique item that keeps reappearing at multiple garage sales.  This summer it was the tiny cupboard.

I bought this one first, and painted it in Sweetie Jane milk paint, remember?

sweetie jane title

When I bought this one, I had never seen anything like it before.  I thought it was doll furniture.  I could tell that it had some age to it, but I wasn’t sure how much.  This one has a mirrored back and little lights inside.  I thought it was completely unique.

So, imagine my surprise when I found its twin sister at the Lake of Isles garage sales!  It’s twin does not have mirrors or lights, but otherwise is pretty identical.  I actually wasn’t going to purchase the twin, but the seller wouldn’t let me walk away.  He kept lowering his price until I simply had to say yes.

Not only that, but he also insisted I purchase its companion.  Yet another tiny cupboard!

tiny cupboard before

I know this one is very ‘grandma’s tea cup collection’, but I took it home thinking that perhaps I could give it a fab makeover.

I gave it a coat of MMSMP in Trophy, which went a long way towards improving it.   A little distressing helped give it some character.  Then I covered the mirror at the back with a page out of an old plat book for Washington County.  I staged it with some of my old cameras and my painted books, and voila!

grey cupboard

 As for Sweetie Jane’s twin, I painted it in MMS milk paint in Apron Strings.

apron strings cabinet

I used a bit more of my vintage wallpaper stash to line the shelves.

apron strings cabinet 2

Later, at the Falcon Heights garage sales, what did I find but yet ANOTHER cupboard exactly like this.  Only this time the seller wanted $40 for it!  Ha.  As if.  I did not buy that one!  But out of curiosity, I did a little googling.  And I found a slew … well, OK, three … of these on eBay.  One that sold for $80!  I didn’t find much information on them, but from what I see, I think these were always intended to just house collectibles for display, not as doll furniture.  I doubt they are valuable or anything, but they are vintage.  I think they are the perfect size for American Girl Dolls and would be fun play furniture for them.

These tiny cupboards, plus this one from last spring, will all be available at the Carriage House Sale!

tiny hutch after

4 thoughts on “tiny cupboards.

  1. I have a tiny cupboard just like the one you did in pink that was my grandma’s. I’m so excited to paint and distress it. Thanks of the inspiration!


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