wall o’ plates.

We return to pinterest for some more inspiration today.

Have you considered adding a wall of plates in your home?  I love this look and have been stockpiling plates for years.  I used to keep them all on display in my summer house, but now that I have converted it to a photo cottage, I just don’t have a home for all of these plates.  Therefore, I’m selling a lot of them at my Carriage House Sale.  And the prices are dirt cheap at $3 to $6 each.

So, how about some ideas for plate walls?

One of my favorites is this one that includes a customized house number plate.

source:  onsuttonplace.com
source: onsuttonplace.com

Use number decals to add the numbers! Or just add a touch of whimsy above a chalkboard with number plates (click on the photo below to link directly to love grows wild’s post about how to add the numbers with a Silhouette machine).

source:  lovegrowswild.com
source: lovegrowswild.com

Or you could update the look with a more asymmetrical design such as this one.

soure:  mmmcrafts
soure: mmmcrafts

Or like this charming display for the kitchen.

source:  house & home
source: house & home

One of my all time favorites is this display that mirrors the shape of the headboard.

source:  the screaming meme
source: the screaming meme

I don’t happen to have any fish plates at my sale, but I am loving this look for a cabin or lodge.

source:  countryliving.com
source: countryliving.com

You could take a lesson from Miss Mustard Seed and arrange monochromatic platters from large to small.

source:  Miss Mustard Seed
source: Miss Mustard Seed

One last clever idea, add word decals and use for a wedding reception!

source:  style me pretty
source: style me pretty

Let’s face it, there are a lot of fun ways to use pretty vintage plates.  Stock up on some at the Carriage House Sale!

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