the carriage house sale!

We’ve been preparing for months.  Slaving away with a paintbrush, gathering up fab vintage finds, re-purposing other people’s cast offs and just generally enjoying the process.  And now, it’s here!

We have furniture galore!

2014 Furniture by

2014 Furniture by

And lots of fabulous vintage finds!

2014 Fall Carriage House Sale preview

Special note:  new this sale, we will be accepting credit cards for purchases over $50!

If you live in the Twin Cities, we hope you can swing by!  Please remember, no one gets in early.  Doors open at 10 a.m. on Saturday, October 4.

13 thoughts on “the carriage house sale!

  1. It’s funny how we always think we don’t have enough stuff for the sale and then after everything is put in place, the Carriage House is FULL to capacity – and then some! It truly amazes me how much we amass and for some reason, it seems like this sale has even more than many of our past sales! Plus, a bonus of our fall sale: customers get to sleep in a bit, maybe stop for a latte at Caribou (120 and 36), and then pop over by 10 for the sale (and baked goods). Wait until you see what we have this time!


    1. I am hoping to get some decent pictures of your stuff to put on the blog today. With these clouds, it might be difficult to get enough light. Your burlap covered pin boards with french stencils turned out fab!


    1. Coming from California, it might be a rude awakening to come to our sale. We are expecting a high of 49 tomorrow. Plus a blustery wind. Fortunately, my Carriage House is pretty sheltered and we have a patio heater. Wish us luck staying warm!


      1. I watch Ellen every day (well, I record it) and she has been mentioning how hot it has been out there. Well, we have plenty of Fall here! Hopefully you’ll get some soon too!


  2. I am with Darrielle I want to come too! But since I cannot are you selling the plaid throws/blankets? Or did you just use them as styling props? Love your marketing skills dear girl!


  3. Good luck and make lots of traveling money. Talk to you tomorrow night. Can’t wait to see some pictures from the sale.


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