turning a foot board into a chalkboard.

I picked up this foot board at a garage sale.  The seller was the man of the house who explained that his wife went off on a girl’s weekend and left him in charge of the garage sale!  He had no idea why they had just a foot board, but his wife had stripped it and then never finished whatever project she had planned for it.  So he was selling it.  Cheap.

foot board chalkboard beforeI made a snap decision to buy it because I loved the detail at the top, it was already stripped, I had plenty of room in the truck and I knew I could come up with some idea for it.

I was showing it to nnK, and she said “why don’t you turn it into another chalkboard?”  Duh.  Why didn’t I think of that?  Brilliant idea.

So that is what I did.  I painted the frame with a base coat of Sweetie Jane milk paint, followed by a top coat of MMSMP in Linen.  Then I painted the inset part with chalkboard paint.

chalkboard close up

I added a couple of vintage hooks, and an upside-down cup pull to hold the chalk.

chalkboard 1I love how it turned out.  But then, I am a big fan of chalkboards.  I have several of my own, and I have several for my Carriage House Sale.

foot board turned chalkboard

You will see this one at the sale, if you happen to be there!

8 thoughts on “turning a foot board into a chalkboard.

  1. Love this – so much better than the handdrawn pumpkins! LOL What a great use of an old footboard. Kudos to NnK as well for the inspiration to make it into a chalkboard. Excellent idea and execution.


  2. I wouldn’t recommend combining chalkboard with its original use, as having a handy chalkboard in the bedroom is never a good idea! 😉


  3. Clever clever and more clever! I love this idea! Now, on the idea of going away for the weekend and letting my husband run the garage sale, not so clever! All of my “stuff” would be on the front lawn for a buck!!!!!


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