breakfast on the deck.

When my sis arrived, we were having an awful spell of disgustingly humid weather.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but humidity does my house no favors and it is my least favorite weather condition.  I do not have central air (radiators, not ducts).  I do have a couple of window units, but only use them when the situation is really dire.  In this case, it was very humid but not especially hot, so I left them off.  As a result, my house was sticky, smelly, damp, ugh!

So I was delighted to wake up on Monday to fresh breezes and a distinct drop in humidity levels.  Plus as an added bonus, the sun was shining.  So I thought it would be lovely to have a leisurely breakfast on the deck.


I may have mentioned before, I am the type of cook that has to dust her stove.  In other words, I don’t really cook.  But I can cut up some berries, brew up some coffee and toast some english muffins.  Well, actually, my sister did that part (she got the cooking genes in our family).

muffinsI may not cook, but I can set a pretty table.

pretty table

A mix of vintage and new.  The monogrammed glasses came from Goodwill.  How could I pass them up?  The cafe au lait bowls were ordered online for what I confess was some exorbitant sum.  The numbered plates are from Target.  The pitcher and ironstone bowl for the berries were both garage sale finds.

breakfast on the deck

This is how I roll.  Spend pennies on most stuff, but occasionally splurge on something special.

no 3Can you see my fabulous napkins?  Those are from Jeanne d’Arc Living, and I bought them online (you can order some for yourself here).  I only break them out for special people.

monogram spoon

 My deck happens to be a particularly lovely spot for breakfast right now because my Limelight hydrangeas are in full bloom.

seatingThe Key Lime hydrangeas next to the photo cottage are looking pretty good as well.


This, in a nutshell, is why I love hydrangeas.  They are covered in blooms, with absolutely no effort made on my part at all.  The flowers last forever, and when dry I will add them to my window boxes where they will look good all winter as well.

 You may have noticed my deck chair pillows.  I have to tell you, I made a mistake when ordering them from Restoration Hardware.  I got them on clearance, and I thought I checked the size, but when they came, they were far too wide for my chairs.  So, my friend Sue chopped off a bit from each end (thanks goodness for friends who can sew).

deck cushions

I was worried it would look ridiculous, but I think it works.  If I hadn’t told you, would you have thought they were meant to be this way?

breakfast on deck1

My sister and I lingered over breakfast for quite a while.  Partly because it was just so darn idyllic on the deck.

carriage house

And partly because we were pouring over these.

budapest guide booksYep,  we are planning a trip!  And it’s going to be an exciting one.  Pretty soon I will have some more awesome travel photos to add to my gallery wall, and I am so excited!  I’ll share more on that soon.  But meanwhile, we set place no. 4 for you, want to join us?

no 4

14 thoughts on “breakfast on the deck.

  1. First off you crack me up “have to dust the stove”. The setting is so nicely done I love the whole dang thing. The # plate, napkins and RH pillows in particular are fab. Budapest hey, do your family roots hail from that region?


  2. Love the whole setting…wish I could be your #4, but alas, I’m stuck here. I hope Debbie appreciates that fact she’s special enough for the “good” placemats! LOL I laughed out loud at that one. Nice that you can spend some quality time together!


  3. Yes, Terri I do appreciate the special napkins. I am having a great time here visiting with Linda and Mr. Q. Will have to get Linda to set a nice breakfast table again when I make the biscuits and sausage gravy.


  4. It was so nice meeting you Deb and enjoying a pink grapefruit margarita too! Linda, why did my hydrangea just stop flowering one day and now it does nothing, doesn’t grow and doesn’t flower. Maybe it needs a yard like yours, ha!
    Also, PLEASE let that 4th plate be mine. Glad you two (& Mike) are having such a good time!!


  5. I NEED those lettered plates! Did you get them recently ? I can not find them on the Target website. PS. The lilies and irises you gave me are growing! They had an initial shock, but are now doing great. Thanks so much!


    1. No, sadly … I got them a year or two ago. They didn’t have them for long either. I’m so glad the lilies and irises are growing. I’m sure they will come up like gangbusters next spring!


  6. Yes, please! I’m on vacation next week! I’ll be number 4! Actually, I have a question. Speaking of cool graphics on things… Do you stencil or apply graphics using a transfer method? BTW, even tho I’ve been painting and re-purposing for years, I’m SO inspired by your work. You have caused me to dig out the milk paint and explore it’s quirky, unpredictable nature!


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