champ de lavande server.

I picked up this petite server at the Highland Park garage sales.  It wasn’t in terrible shape aside from being a bit dinged up.  It really just needed a cosmetic makeover.  An updated look.

highland park server beforeI went with Annie Sloan chalk paint in French Linen again.

champ de lavande server

I felt like the little detail below the drawers needed to be drawn out with some white paint.

champ de lavande server 6

 I freshened up the inside of the cupboard area with some dark charcoal grey ‘oops’ paint that I had on hand.

champ de lavander server 2Although I have staged this piece as a server for the dining room, I think it would be perfect in a foyer as a place to drop the keys and mail.

champ de lavande server 1

You could put shoes or purses in the bottom cupboard, gloves and scarves in the drawer.

champ de lavande server 3

So, there you have it, a fun little makeover.

champ de lavande before and after

16 thoughts on “champ de lavande server.

  1. This really, really makes this come alive. From a throwaway piece of furniture to a beautiful accent piece. Love it. Keep up the good work. I’m liking the gray more and more every time I see it…


  2. Nice job Linda – this era is one of my favorites. If the height is right I can see it next to a bed as well. I favor chest instead of night stands. I finally finished painting my kitchen took me days and days. And believe me it’s not that big. I salute you for all you accomplish with that brush of yours! Have a great holiday weekend! Hubby officiating this weekend? I am off to Flatrock, NC to buy apples. It one of our annual traditions.


    1. That is a great idea, I think this one would work perfectly next to a bed. Glad you got the kitchen done! And nope, no holiday weddings this weekend. I was about to say ‘isn’t it a bit early for apples?’, but I suppose they ripen much earlier down there.


  3. Linda,
    You are the best! Every piece I see of yours is just beautiful! I do not know how you are able to part with some of these great pieces! I would be your best customer if I lived near you! I like your painted pieces better than any other blogger!



  4. I see others who paint with chalk paint and sometimes their work looks patchy and shows brush strokes. I like the sleek and professional finish of yours. The color is great, the lettering to scale and the unique pattern running below the drawer is very beautiful.


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