my bus buddy.

My friend Vonda and I have been bff’s since before it was cool, or possibly even a thing, and today is her birthday!

Way, way, way back in 1973 my family moved from Chicago to Minnesota.  I was in the 4th grade, and I was painfully shy.  In Chicago I had walked to school, and it was just across the street from my house.  We even went home at lunchtime.  When we came to Minnesota, I had to ride a bus and eat lunch at school, a terrifying prospect for a shy 4th grader.  To make matters worse, the bus driver drove that bus right into a ladder that was sticking out of the back of a pickup truck during my first week of school.  I swear that ladder came straight for my face!  After that, I must have put up a huge fuss about riding the bus, so the school came up with a plan.  They assigned me a bus buddy.  Poor Vonda got called down to the principal’s office!  She was sure that she was in serious trouble for something.  Instead, she was informed that she had to sit with the new girl on the bus.  Can you imagine?  I’m sure she wasn’t thrilled.

Flash forward 40 some years, and here we are, bff’s.  There has been lots of water under the bridge in 40 years.  I’ve moved around … living in Florida, South Carolina and finally back here in Minnesota.  In general, our lives have often taken us in different directions.  But our friendship has gone along for the ride and we’ve always stayed in touch.

Vonda and me

That’s Vonda on the left, me on the right.

We’ve traveled together with our husbands, including an amazing Mediterranean cruise (me with short hair, yikes!).

Joe, Vonda, Me & Mr. Q

Our husbands still don’t believe our story about the two very handsome Italian men who tried to pick us up on the Spanish steps in Rome while they were off in search of beer and band-aids … but it really did happen.  They had Vespas, and wanted to show us the sights.  Wink, wink.  Vonda’s husband still insists that their names were Fic and Titious … get it?  Then there was our crazy afternoon spent in a Turkish market, where Vonda was sure she was going to be sold into white slavery, and we really just wanted some Turkish coffee but somehow we all ended up with leather jackets.

We also enjoyed a Caribbean cruise.  Here we are in our rented jeep in Aruba.


We switched it up, ladies in the front, gentlemen as back seat drivers!

Vonda and I don’t always share the same interests.  She sleeps in on Saturday’s, I get up bright and early to hit the garage sales.  She has some furniture that I wish she would paint, but she’s not a fan.  She loves trivia of any kind, I am hopeless at it.  Her favorite wine is Chardonnay, and I’ll drink any wine but that.  She prefers the elliptical machine; I’d rather take a Zumba class.  But, we both love sitting around a pool, drinking a cocktail, painting our toenails and reading trashy magazines and luckily we got some of that in this summer.

So today, I hope you all will join me in wishing Happy Birthday to my bff!  Here’s to 40 more years of friendship.  Love ya V!

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