a breath of fresh air.

Remember the beautiful yellow and white dresser I painted?  Well, I sold it to a lovely young woman named Jen via Craigslist.  As it turned out, Jen had an old dresser that she wanted to part with so we made arrangements to bring the yellow dresser to her and pick up the discarded dresser for me.  This gave me the opportunity to see Jen’s home, and I was totally smitten with it.  I loved her fantastic classic Minneapolis bungalow, her color choices, her mix of vintage and modern, and her sweet little Corgi’s whom she writes about in her own blog, Sassy Little Corgis.  So, on a whim, I asked if she would be willing to let me share her home on my blog, and she said yes!  So last Sunday I popped over to Jen’s and took a million photos to share with you.  So many in fact that I’m breaking her house tour into a two-parter.

jens title

Jen’s bungalow in the Longfellow neighborhood was built in 1925.  One of the things that drew me to Jen’s home is that the layout is identical to my grandparent’s home that was in the same area.  I also wonder if Jen’s home could be a Sear’s house.  Maybe?

Jen has a darling little entry porch that welcomes you to her home.  Her Wisconsin pillow was ordered from Etsy, and yes, Jen is originally from the Badger State.

2014 summer blog35

She just moved in to her home this past April, and considering that she’s been in her place less than 5 months, I think she’s done some great things so far.  We’re starting in the living/dining room that was already painted this lovely rich green when Jen bought the house.  She brought in this gorgeous sectional from West Elm.  I love its mid-century, tailored sort of vibe.  It’s also quite comfy (and on sale at the moment)!  Across from the sofa is a fab mid-century credenza that Jen found with a little help from Craig and his list.  She has cleverly outfitted it for her TV with the components just inside the cupboard door.  Her router is velcroed to the back!  How clever is that?  Velcro, people!  Get on it.

What really impressed me about Jen’s house is the way she makes vintage feel hip and modern, giving it a breath of fresh air.

2014 summer blog32

Her 1925 bungalow has gorgeous woodwork including an absolutely amazing dining room built-in that is in fantastic shape.

Jens dining built in 2

(Look out Jen!  Sneaky candid shot!)

That door to the left with the gorgeous glass knob leads up to the attic.  I’ll admit, I asked Jen to let me go up there.  It’s unfinished, but my grandparents had one just like it and I had to see it.  It even has that old house attic smell that my grandparent’s attic had.  You gotta love it.  Right?

Speaking of love, how about Jen’s dining set.  The chairs are from Target, sometimes they have the best stuff.  I didn’t mention this to Jen, but my dining room chairs are also from Target, but not as cute as these.  I’m tempted to run out and get these.  They look super comfy, like you could sit around and drink coffee after dinner and not have your behind fall asleep.  These chairs work beautifully with her round table, and the entire set is sized perfectly for her space.

2014 summer blog33

The doorway to the right leads to the kitchen, and I believe I may have had a momentary flashback when I stepped through.  I’m telling you … my grandparent’s kitchen was the exact same size … which is to say small.  Sometimes I wonder if I am mis-remembering how tiny that kitchen was.  But now having seen Jen’s kitchen, I know I’m not.

Jen is making every inch of her kitchen count with this butcher block cart.

Jens kitchen cart

And as you can see, she gets plenty of light from two windows to keep it bright and airy feeling.

Now, just get a gander at this wall of gorgeous original kitchen cupboards!

Jens kitchen cabinets

Gorgeous, right?

But I am wondering about the fridge.  My grandparents did not have a fridge in the kitchen proper, it was out back in the hallway.  Jen has a fab built in pantry in that spot, see …

jens pantry

Anyway, there is clearly a spot for the fridge in Jen’s kitchen, but I am guessing that few houses had electric refrigerators in 1925.  Did they have an icebox there instead?  Or were the cupboards re-worked later to fit one in?  Jen is worried about being able to find a new one to fit in this spot, should this one ever need replacing, but I suggested she check out a SMEG.  They aren’t cheap, but they are gorgeous, and small.  Hey, guess what Jen?  West Elm carries one!

Here is the opposite side of the kitchen.  A simple sink and stove.  Jen painted the white tile.  It was an odd pink and purple-ish swirly mess when she bought the house, but now it is fresh and clean.  I would never have guessed it was painted.  She also painted the sink base, and added the floating shelves above the stove.

2014 summer blog34

Before Jen moved in to her house, she took the time to repaint and do a lot of freshening up, like painting the tile.  I like that everything is clean and fresh and liveable for now, and then down the road she can make more expensive changes bit by bit.  I know she’d like to eventually have a nicer sink area in her kitchen, but this is perfectly presentable and functional for now.

I hope you are enjoying the tour of Jen’s cute bungalow as much as I did.  Stay tuned, in my next post we’ll see the rest of her lovely home!

7 thoughts on “a breath of fresh air.

  1. Yes, absolutely gorgeous! I love the little lite over the sink, and my favorite colors together are yellow and red so loving the red clock! Great job…….
    My first house was a Sears house…….we had coal for heat! I ruined the kitchen thinking “updated” would be so much better. That was 30 years ago…I know better now but still feel guilty about those changes! 🙂


    1. I hear you Annie. I ‘ruined’ a couple of things in my house as well before realizing that I should work harder to retain original details. I also loved that little light above the stove in Jen’s kitchen. Such a sweet little detail.


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