a water feature.

Personally, I think adding a faux pond to your garden is extremely hard to pull off.  So, I’ll admit, I was a bit skeptical when my neighbor Karen (a.k.a. nnK) told me she was putting in a pond.  They just often tend to look … well … fake.

I should have known better.

nnk running waterShe insisted it would look good, and she was right.  Sometimes on really hot days I am tempted to dangle my feet in this pond.  I keep telling her she should have made it just a tad bigger so I could float a lounge chair in there.

nnk pond

The Tiger Eye sumac in the back is perfect.  The way it sort of overhangs the rocks and water looks very natural to me.

She’s got quite a few fish in the pond.  And luckily this particular water bird can’t really eat them.

2014 summer blog8

I think part of the reason nnK’s pond looks so natural is because she used field rocks and tried to make it look like a typical Minnesota pond, not like some sort of mountain stream or waterfall.

nnk water plants

Another thing working in her favor are her plant choices.  They all look native, and there are lots of them.  Sparse plantings would not look as lush and fabulous.

2014 summer blog9

 I love the way she has moss and other plants growing around the rocks.

If I paid attention, I’d be able to tell you how she added a bog to help filter the water and how that works, but when she tells me that stuff I just nod my head a lot and pretend like I understand.

nnk bog

Oh, and in case you are wondering, I’m pretty sure the fish come in the house for the winter.  She could add a small heater and leave them in the pond, but she says that would cost a small fortune, so she just has a giant fish tank in the basement for them.

If anyone is thinking about adding a pond, nnK is a great resource.  Let me know and I’ll hook you up.

17 thoughts on “a water feature.

  1. Absolutely love this! I have been on many a pond tour with the husband who plans to add one to our backyard (me cringing) until now. My concerns have been the same as yours most I have seen are just not realistic. Karen’s is extremely well done. Thumbs up! My goodness you have some awesome neighbors.


  2. That is really beautiful. I don’t think it could look more natural, in fact, in my mind it isn’t faux because it has real water, real fish and real plants. If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it must be a duck or whatever that saying is…What the heck is that saying? Karen is now a master landscape gardener.


    1. Karen has totally stolen my thunder in the gardening arena. I used to have the gardens that people looked at when they drove down my street. Now they are so busy looking at Karen’s house across the street from mine, they don’t even turn their heads my way. It’s quite annoying, and I complain about it to Karen every chance I get! I am just giving her a hard time, of course. In reality I am very lucky because I get to look across the street and see them too. I even nominated Karen for our city’s gardening award this year. Hope she wins!


  3. Thank you for sharing that beautiful garden – I live in a condo but have a large screened in patio that is loaded with flowers, but I am sure that a pond would be impossible. Loved the idea though – Betty from Ontario Canada.


  4. Betty- You can make your own mini-pond with some water plants in a tub on your patio,as long as they get some sun. You can enjoy a little water sound too with a little bubbler. Check out some ideas on the internet or books in the library. Friends of mine have a great little water garden that sits on their patio table.–Karen


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