a Saturday post.

Do most of you know who I’m talking about when I say nnK?  nnK stands for ‘new neighbor Karen’.  She moved in … gosh, I’ve lost track now, 8 years ago maybe?  At the time I already had a neighbor named Karen, so I had to distinguish which Karen I was talking about and thus she became ‘new neighbor Karen’, then shortened to nnK.

cast - nnK

Even though the original neighbor Karen passed away quite a few years ago, nnK is still and always will be nnK.

You may not realize it, but you have seen plenty of nnK’s home here on q is for quandie.  It provides the backdrop to all of my driveway staged photos.

seriously studious desk

Yep, that’s her house with the blue door directly across the street from me.  You’ll see that distinctive blue door in quite a few of my photos.  Sometimes I have to yell at her to duck when she’s out working in the garden and I’m trying to stage some photos.  She does love a good photo bomb.

I featured her backyard water garden in August 2014.

nnk water plants

Before nnK moved in, my gardens were the ones that turned people’s heads as they rode by on their bikes or walked their dogs down our street.  But one of her early projects was to add a curbside garden along nearly the entire frontage of her property.  It’s a rock garden filled with lower growing alpine plants.

nnk's rock garden

Now passers by are drawn to her bright flowers that are right there next to the street.  They don’t even glance in my direction.  Seriously, it’s quite comical.  All I see are the backs of people’s heads now as they ride by.

Not only is nnK a great neighbor, but she has great family too.  I recently posted about the table her dad pulled out of a trash pile for me, and I’ve also posted about the time her mom let me drag a really dirty old farmhouse table home in her convertible!

Judy and the table

But really, the best part of having nnK around is that she loves to cook, and she frequently invites Mr. Q and me over for dinner.  You’ll probably have noticed by now that I do not love to cook.  You aren’t going to find any blog posts about cooking on this blog.

nnK frequently gives me a hard time because I never publish any blog posts on the weekend.  She seems to think that it would be nice to relax in her p.j.’s with a cup of coffee and a blog post to read.

I have a pretty good reason for not doing blog posts on the weekend and it is simply that I know I’ll be too busy to read comments and follow up with a response.  I like to respond to comments the same day that they are left.  Plus, I also assume that others are out having fun on the weekends, not reading blogs (that’s probably not entirely true, or is it?).

Well, anyway, nnK recently celebrated a birthday and her birthday wish was to see a Saturday blog post on q is for quandie.  So here is your birthday wish come true nnK!  Hope you enjoyed it with a cup of coffee!

22 thoughts on “a Saturday post.

  1. Holy cow!! Thanks for the love. Unfortunately instead of lying in repose in my warm bed with a cup of coffee I am at the hockey rink with a cup of cocoa this fine morning. Thanks for being a great neighbor and even better friend! I aspire to be the person you are. (When I’m your age of course).


  2. I was surprised to see your Saturday blog, pleasantly surprised. I love reading your blog any day of the week, in my p.j. With my morning cup of coffee. You see I am much older than all of you .. Getting older has its advantages. Happy Birthday to nnk!


  3. Happy birthday nnK AND to Quandie as well…it’s always fun to have a birthday…it’s when we stop having them that’s the real problem! So Happy Birthday and here’s to many more!


  4. I follow about 10 blogs periodically but only signed up to receive two by email. Yours obviously and one other. For me it’s part of my morning routine whenever possible. Such a treat to get a Saturday morning email. Nice to put a face on nnk! Happy Bday to her! Isn’t it lovely to have good neighbors especially ones that cook!


  5. Ken, Linda, and I all have November birthdays. Maybe that’s why we get along pretty well. I have great neighbors. Couldn’t ask for better. Linda even hosted my birthday dinner because of my kitchen remodel. (She even made the crescent rolls)


  6. Happy Birthday Karen and to my sister, Quandie. Whom I am making dinner and a favorite childhood birthday cake for tomorrow. Nnk can’t wait to see the progress on the new kitchen.


    1. I have told nnK that she’s not allowed to move out until I’m dead and gone. Plus, since she’s way younger, she’s in charge of taking care of me and Mr. Q when we get too old to function properly.


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