the master bedroom.

I’ve held off on showing pics of my master bedroom on q is for quandie simply because when I look at it, I see all of the things I want to change.  You see, the last time I updated the room I had some cockamamie idea that mixing vintage and space age would be a sophisticated juxtaposition of old and new.  Maybe it would have, if I had done it well … but instead I just put in some stainless steel modern fixtures.  I liked it for a while, but it grew old quickly.  I’ve removed a lot of the modern, but I still need to make some more changes.

But recently I decided, what the heck, I’ll share it anyway.  A lot of the changes I want to make are probably a ways down on the priority list.  It could be awhile.  So, I’ll show it to you as is.

mb east wall

Technically, the Q casa is a story and a half.  For those of you not up on house lingo, this means my upstairs is not a full story and all of the rooms have these quaint slanted ceilings.  I feel like this picture makes them look really low, but they aren’t.  Mr. Q and I are both tall, and we don’t hit our heads while getting into bed or anything like that.

I would love to do something with this wall behind the bed to make it more of a feature wall.  Perhaps add an all over stencil, a fabulous wallpaper, or even a wood plank wall.  Of all of these options, a stencil would be easiest and cheapest, a wood plank wall would be most fabulous, but least likely to ever get done.   And seeing as my bff spent many hours helping me strip not one, not two, but 3 layers of old wallpaper from this room, she might want to cause me bodily harm if I decide to wallpaper again!

I’d also like to paint the sleigh bed.  I know it would be gorgeous painted, but I just haven’t gotten around to it.  Before I paint the bed though, I’d rather paint the armoire, and add a stencil to the door.

mb armoire

One of our big splurges back when we were relatively new homeowners was the ‘bedroom set’.  Back in the day, you got a set of all matching furniture.  Those of you who have read my blog for a while know how I feel about this now!  Matching is bad!  Mixing is good!

I ditched the matching nightstands that came with this set, and replaced them with vintage pieces that are both painted a pale grey, but otherwise are quite different in style.  ‘His’ is a Swedish spoon carved commode that belonged to my grandparents, ‘hers’ is a curvy legged table.

mb nightstand collage

I’ve always thought I should paint the wood parts of the lamps white.  Another small project that I never quite get to.

Meanwhile, I love my bedding, which came from H & M Home.  I was so happy when we were finally able to get their home products in the U.S.

mb bedding

This turquoise bench lives at the foot of the bed.  I painted it several years ago.  It’s quite handy for piling up clothes that I don’t feel like putting away.

mb bench

I could use an area rug on the floor to add a little more coziness to the room.  We’ve had several different versions of rugs in this room off and on.  It’s actually a very large room, so it’s not cheap to get a rug that fills it up properly, and that’s just not at the top of the priority list right now.

Oddly enough, the master bedroom is the room in my house that gets the absolute best light.  It faces northwest, but with 3 big windows there is always plenty of light in here.  Probably slightly wasted on a bedroom of all rooms.

mb windows

See that door back in the corner?  Yep, that’s my closet.  And it is small.  Want to live in a 100+ year old house?  Then be prepared to get creative when it comes to such things.  I only keep my current season’s clothes in there, and only my clothes.  Mr. Q gets a closet in another bedroom (which he uses as a study), and I get the guest room closet for my off season clothes.

I’m not entirely happy with my current ‘artwork’ in the bedroom either.  Basically I have taken the maps from the back of a vintage dictionary and framed them in basic white IKEA frames.

mb walls

I would love to change these out for something with more presence.  These are OK, but not fabulous.

Next to the armoire is my jewelry station.

mb jewelry station collage

I used to keep all of my jewelry (and let’s face it, I love costume jewelry) in one of those standing jewelry boxes.  The problem was, I couldn’t see it at a glance and many days I just didn’t even take the time to wear it.  So I came up with this plan to keep my jewelry in plain view and right next to the door.  As I leave my bedroom in the morning, I am visibly reminded to grab some jewelry!

The earrings are on an old window screen, the bracelets and rings are in two old metal drawers that are attached to the wall, and the necklaces are held by old wooden spindles that are screwed into the wall.

mb final

Sadly, it seems that master bedrooms are sometimes that last room that gets much sprucing up because the public at large rarely sees it.  One of these days I will give it the attention it deserves … then again, I might rather spend the money on a trip to a tropical island in winter …

17 thoughts on “the master bedroom.

  1. What I like best about this bedroom is the “spa-like” quality that the sky blue walls lend it. Part of that relaxing atmosphere is also created by the old maps on the wall. I don’t know what it is about looking at old maps that lend such a calming influence. Maybe it is the sense of a past hurly-burly British Empire that is now captured in a sleepy drawing room, with the old colonel nodding off in a high back leathern chair in the corner.


  2. It’s pretty! I love the trio of windows and your bed and bedding! Your bedroom layout is very similar to mine … under the eaves, closet door placement. I felt like I was looking at the same room but with different furnishings … except I only have a single window.


    1. Do you find that it’s pretty much impossible to get creative with furniture placement in your room as well? I really just have the one spot where the bed can go, and that’s it. I’ve tried to angle it in a corner and it just looks wrong. I can’t put it in front of the radiator, and it just simply doesn’t fit anywhere else in the room. In the end, I have to find other ways to change it up without moving the furniture.


  3. Feel the same way you do about sets of furniture however Louis Philippe style is one of my favorite styles such wonderful strong lines. It would be fair to say I really love it and sleigh beds are at the top of my list too! Great idea to paint the bed & armoire and add a stencil on the door… at least in theory. I say that because I have a pine four poster, reproduction french style armoire and a block front chest(never see these anymore but very traditional and not purchased as a set three different manufacturers) except for the bed, which was a floor sample I picked up in Highpoint years ago, I really had to save and save to purchase. So I vacillate back and forth paint it gray or the color you just did that Duncan Phyfe console ~ I just cannot commit. Very fun jewelry storage ideas. Love the drawers on the wall pretty cool. Yeah I am holding out for wood planked walls don’t think anything else makes the same impact it adds instant character.


    1. You are going to laugh … I had no idea what Louis Philippe style was, so I had to google it! Well, now I know what my bedroom furniture style is called. I find it difficult to commit to painting my own furniture for some reason too, but I can tell you that the decision to paint the oak buffet in my piano room was one of the best I ever made. I simply love it painted, and I was quite indifferent to it before. I’ve seen pics of sleigh beds like mine painted on pinterest and in magazines and they always look fabulous. I know I would love it … one of these days I’ll get to it on my to-do list.


      1. Pretty awesome best friend you got there. I would definitely says she’s a keeper! And I think the furniture placement is perfect. Walk in the room and bed is straight in front on the main wall. Angled walls like those do look pretty nice with wallpaper….after stripping three layers I would have to think long and hard bout putting some up.


  4. The big reason we kind of have to have the bed there is that it accommodates the ceiling nicely. A dresser, if it even fit, would make you feel like the ceiling was caving in on you every time you were at it. By having the bed there it essentially nullifies the angled ceiling effect. We could swing the bed 180 degrees and have the foot against the wall, but facing away from the door is feng shui chaos.


  5. I think the bed is in the perfect place. Why not anchor your bed with a hanging quilt…it would look awesome with the wall and angled roof line. The angles bring so much character to your room. Embrace them! Or, instead of wallpapering the whole room again, just hang starched fabric on the wall behind your bed to create a focal point with your bed. Removal would be easy peasy…


  6. It’s a lovely room! Very serene and cozy, with all that beautiful light. I love the focal wall idea and have seen some very pretty ones in fabric. Do you recall what your wall color is? Ooh, love your jewelry storage, too!


    1. I happen to have a can of the bedroom wall paint for touch ups. It’s a Ralph Lauren color, called Schoal Water. I got it at Home Depot, but I’m not even sure if they still carry the Ralph Lauren paint there.


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