when is a window not a window?

When is a window not a window?


When it’s a wall!


Abracadabra.  It’s a window again.


The solution to my rear window conundrum?  To have Ken build a faux wall that I can put in and take out on a whim.

How cool is that?  I can have my cake, and eat it too!


That Ken is so clever.  He built an insert to match the existing wall that fits just inside the window opening.  Then he added little handles on the back so I can slide it into place easily from behind the shed.  He also added a hook to the window so I can hook it up and out of the way when the “wall” is in place.  The window, by the way, was already on hinges at the top.

wall insert

I’m so happy with this solution.  When I want to take photos of furniture I have the option of a solid wall backdrop, or a window backdrop.  And one day, when I get tired of revamping furniture for a hobby, I will still have the fab window in my shed.

Coming soon, some ‘minty freshness’ followed by a wrap up post showing some final photo studio ‘after’ pics.  Stay tuned!

7 thoughts on “when is a window not a window?

  1. Ken is worth a million buck what a guy! I am officially jealous! I need a Ken! You two are quite the clever pair!


    1. He is worth a million bucks! The greatest thing about Ken is that I think he really enjoys coming up with clever solutions and implementing them. He’s also a bit of a perfectionist, so I always know he’ll do a great job no matter what.


  2. Wow – Ken is a true handyman…I bet his wife just loves it that he can do all these things. And talk about a great neighbor! Life is indeed good in “Q” land.


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