garden quickies.

You really can’t be impatient when it comes to gardening.  In general, I am mostly an instant gratification sort of gal.  I want results, and I want them quickly.  I love a quickie makeover.

plant a gardenBut gardening generally doesn’t work that way.  Peonies are a good example of this.  If you move them, it can take up to 3 years for them to bloom again!  And you know the old adage about perennials, the first year they sleep, the 2nd year they creep, the 3rd year they leap!  In other words, it takes a good 3 years for perennials to fill in.

(note:  Natalie, as you can see I still have this box, it’s yours if you want it, just email me)

plant peonies

But just because the plants move at their own pace, doesn’t mean we can’t come up with some fun and quick garden themed projects.

plant a garden manual

First up:  Remember the little chalkboard I purchased at my ‘breakfast meeting‘?  I’ve given it a new quote, and added it to a crate of vintage garden supplies.

plant a garden slate

Here is my tip for writing on a chalkboard, especially if you don’t love your own handwriting.  Print your design on a piece of paper first, rub chalk all over the back of the paper.  Place the paper on your chalkboard and trace the design using a pencil.  Then just fill in with chalk.  I used a chalk pencil for this one to get the fine lines.  Sometimes I use chalk pen also, but I rarely use regular chalk.

Next up:  Remember the buckets I also purchased at the ‘breakfast meeting’?  A couple of stencils, some black paint and 30 minutes gave me this.

stenciled buckets closeup

 There are many potential uses for these.  Add a pot of geraniums or other blooming annuals.  Use in your bathroom as a trash can.  Stash your cleaning rags inside and store in the pantry.  Use to tote your gardening tools around the yard.

stenciled buckets

The possibilities are endless for a fab stenciled bucket.

stenciled buckets in cupboard

Finally, one last quickie project.  I purchased a tiny vine that was originally intended for the fairy garden, but in the end there was no room.  So I decided to pot it up on its own.

tiny vine suppliesI felt like the clay pot wasn’t really ‘me’ though, so I gave it a paint job.  One quick coat of Annie Sloan’s Old White was all it took.

tiny vine after

Over time the vine will fill in and this will be a sweet little windowsill garden.

So, take an hour or so on a sunny summer morning while you are waiting for those perennials to fill in and complete your own quick garden project!

3 thoughts on “garden quickies.

  1. Love your ideas! The chalkboard small but displays large! Instant gratification: getting beautiful pics as you post ! Love this! Thanks…..!


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