big city anniversary.

Mr. Q and I celebrated our 25th anniversary in the big city, a.k.a. Minneapolis.

big city anniversaryWe started our day with coffee and freshly baked cinnamon rolls on the deck.  It was a perfectly gorgeous day.

The next stop was a wedding in the park.  Have I mentioned that Mr Q is a wedding officiant?  I’m sure I have.  Anyway, he had a wedding to perform on our anniversary at Minnehaha Falls at high noon.

Perhaps some would have found this the perfect chance to renew our own vows on our 25th anniversary.  However, we had already taken the opportunity to renew our vows earlier in the week when our neighbor friend Brooke, age 9, offered to marry us.  This was shortly after Mr. Q performed a wedding for Brooke and her balloon animal monkey.  It was a lovely ceremony.

I always enjoy visiting the falls, so I wandered around and took photos while Mr. Q took care of business.

Minnehaha collage

If you are local, you know that we’ve had a lot of rain and Minnehaha Creek is overflowing its bed.

Minnehaha creek

Perhaps you also heard about the dude who decided to kayak over the falls recently.  Having seen the falls up close and personal, I can confirm that he must be completely cray-cray.

minnehaha falls bottom

This would have been his view as he started to head over.

minnehaha falls top

Seriously folks.  Google it to see video proof.  He came out with nothing worse than a bloody nose.

Not only have the falls been in the news with the lunatic kayaker, in addition President Obama visited this week.  They were prepping for his visit while we were there.  I’m pretty sure he didn’t kayak over the falls though.

After Mr. Q’s wedding was over, we headed into the city proper to have lunch at Hell’s Kitchen, perhaps an ironic choice for an anniversary.

big city collage

 We had the Purgatory Punch, a combination of pinot grigio, lemonade, blueberry and mint infused simply syrup.  Sounds iffy, but tastes delicious.  After a lovely lunch, we headed back home to the burbs and took a nap.  Hey, we were exhausted!

I have to say, our big city anniversary was a great success.  It wasn’t the trip to Paris that I had always assumed we’d take for our 25th, but who needs Paris when you have Minneapolis?

3 thoughts on “big city anniversary.

  1. Ok the punch does sound good. We might have to go back to the falls when I come this summer. I hear it is raining even more.


  2. Cannot believe the kayak story! There is nut waiting to crack every where if you catch my drift.
    Sounds like you had a lovely time together location aside you’ve got the best part.
    Congrats again!


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