sue’s digs, part 2.

Sue's watering cansA visit to Sue’s house would not be complete without a stroll around her gardens.  In my opinion, Sue has the perfect spot for gardening.  She has a small yard that makes it possible for her to have the entire thing planted in perennials with just the smallest bit of lawn without requiring a gardening staff of 20.  This is not to say that she doesn’t have to work hard, I happen to know that she spends many hours keeping her gardens, so let’s take a look and enjoy the fruits of her labor.

You enter through this fabulous arbor.

Sue's arborPass by the lantern.

Sue's garden lanternAnd find her lovely oasis full of meandering mossy brick paths and gorgeous hostas.

Sue's garden lawn

Sue's mossy bricks

Much like inside her home, Sue’s garden is also serene with a color scheme of mainly white.

Sue's garden angel

Except for the occasional pop of gorgeous color, like in these peonies.

Sue's garden collage

Following the path straight ahead will take you to the screen porch.

Sue's brick path collage

2014 Sue's house7

You can stop along the way and enjoy a respite in this shady spot.

wicker chair

You may remember that I mentioned that Sue gave me the gargoyle in my garden.  She has quite a collection of her own including a gargoyle fountain.

2014 Sue's house8

This trellis is arranged on the detached garage wall that borders one side of the garden.  Isn’t it clever?  It’s just 3 standard trellises arranged in an offset way to create this pattern.  I might have to borrow this idea for the side of my carriage house.  Is that OK Sue?

Sue's trellisBasically everywhere you look in Sue’s garden there is some delightful little detail just waiting to be spotted.

Sue's post

Sue's detail collage

I always enjoy spotting some of the things that Sue has gotten from me over the years, such as this lovely lady.

Sue's pedestalAs we exit back out of Sue’s garden through the arbor, I wonder … do you want to rush out and make a bunch of changes to your own garden as much as I do?  Maybe add a couple of fabulous gargoyles?  Some brick paths?  A lovely statue here or there?  Place a comfy chair in a shady spot?

Sue's arbor underneath

I’m so glad that Sue allowed me to share her house and garden with you here on my blog!  If you enjoyed your tour, please be sure to leave a comment and I will make sure that Sue sees it!

16 thoughts on “sue’s digs, part 2.

  1. Wow, Sue has great decorating ideas. Love the gargoyles and trellises. Might have to go see that one time when I am there. Loved her kitchen too.


    1. I’ve never taken you over to Sue’s house? She just lives about 5 blocks away. Put it on the list of stuff we will do when you visit in August.


  2. The trellis idea is brilliant and the whole garden is inspiring. I love the mossy brick paths and all the hostas one of my favorite plants I finally put in 5 last year. But the bench full of watering cans be still my heart. I want one too!


    1. I might have to borrow that idea too! I have lots of watering cans, but they are scattered all over. Might be nice to display them as a group. if only I also had a fabulous bench to put them on …


  3. Ooo…I love Sue’s garden. She has that knack of placing things so that they look like they are natural to the scene. I love that style. There is nothing more delightful in a garden than statuary that calls attention to the plantings. She is a real trendsetter.


  4. I can envision sitting in Sue’s garden with a tall lemonade (or gin and tonic) on a hot summer day, enjoying MN at its finest.


  5. Wow – your place looks fabulous Sue! I absolutely LOVE the wainscotting in the kitchen, and I love the idea someone else had about putting ironstone platters/plates – kind of like at Linda’s…the colors and different shapes would look great, as would the absence of a pattern. And your yard is just fantastick. Your home should be in Better Homes and Gardens for sure…..LQS: take me with when you and Debbie go over next! 🙂


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