the cutting garden.

We used to have a huge hedge along our rear property line.  It was very overgrown and unkempt looking.  It ran all the way up to the Carriage House on one side, and the neighbor’s back fence on the other.  As a result, we lived in our house for 20 years before ever even meeting the neighbor that lived behind us.  Is that crazy or what?

We took the hedge down a few years ago, and replaced it with lilac bushes.  And then I met the ‘neighbor behind the hedge’, Claudia.  Who, by the way, is quite lovely.

When we planted the lilacs, I decided to also add an arbor so that we would always have access to the area back there even once the lilacs take over.  I also realized that I had room for a cutting garden behind the Carriage House.

cutting garden titleThe beauty of a cutting garden that is hidden from view is that I don’t feel guilty when I cut all of the flowers and bring them inside.  It doesn’t matter if the garden itself looks terrible, no one can see it.

I have peonies, hydrangeas, Siberian iris, and day lilies back there.  I’d like to remove the day lilies though, and fill in that area with something else.  If anyone in the Twin Cities wants basic orange Day Lilies, let me know.  You can have them.

cutting garden flowers

I also have way too many yellow iris.  If you would like some yellow bearded iris plants, I’d be happy to share them with you also.

cutting garden yellow iris

I staged my photos using a metal folding bistro chair.  I’ve had this chair in my sale for 2 years running now, but no one seems to want to buy it.  It can be rather handy for things like staging photos, or pulling out an extra chair that doesn’t take up much space.  I also used an enamel pitcher that I recently bought at an occasional sale.  I paid a bit more for it than I am usually willing to shell out, but I know I’ll get tons of use out of it.

cutting garden full chair

 I wish the blooming season for peonies was just a bit longer.  I will just have to enjoy them while they last.

11 thoughts on “the cutting garden.

  1. Love all the colors – especially the purple iris. It just seems to effortless for you – but as a non-gardener, I know you still have to have some upkeep on the gardens, no matter where they are situated. The flowers are just gorgeous and would look especially lovely on my desk….just say’n


  2. Ooops…left out a word – should read “It just seems to BE effortless for you…”….lol Just wanted to clarify that one….


  3. I would love some yellow bearded iris, all I have are orange daylilies too. I work in White Bear Lake and could come when convenient to you. I have lots of flowers outside, but never cut them, because I want the yard to look nice. Now I have an idea for a cutting garden. I am going to have to make my own!


  4. Absolutely lovely! There is nothing better (in my opinion) than a mason jar full of flowers in the house. It even makes the bathroom seem prettier. Can’t believe the chair hasn’t sold, it’s so cute and perfect to tuck in a corner with a stack of old books and a jar of flowers.


  5. So pretty! And I love peonies I wished they bloomed all summer. I have about four hundred yellow bearded irises. They are like rabbits. Love the bistro chair and the enamel pitcher it’s the perfect shape for an arrangement.


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