linden hills.

How do I love thee, Linden Hills?  Let me count the ways.

Linden Hills 21.  Fabulous old camera and books.

Linden Hills 4

2.  Genuine antique light fixture and brass door knobs.

Linden Hills 5

3.  Boy Scout first aid kid.

Linden Hills 8

4.  Pair of small chairs that will get the Annie Sloan treatment.  The rug in the background went home with Bee Knees.  Story behind it:  the seller is a photographer who worked with THE Rachel Ashwell when she was working on her Shabby Chic line for Target.  This was one of their props.  Of course it was!  It has Rachel written all over it.

Linden Hills 9

5.  The mental efficiency series.  Let’s face it, who couldn’t use some mental efficiency.  Check out the individual titles, too funny.  Wouldn’t some of these be fun to pop into a gift basket!

Linden Hills 1

6.  My find of the day.  Tons of old door plates and knobs.  We practically drooled into the box when we found these.

Linden Hills 10

7.  Vintage luggage!  Now these I definitely won’t paint.  And a fab vintage scale.

2014 spring blog16

8.  The darling dresser went home with Bees Knees also.  She’s going to give it a fabulous makeover.

There is LOTS more.  Seriously.  We cleaned house in Linden Hills.  I’m glad we found so many fab things, because my Carriage House sale is less than 4 weeks away and I was starting to panic that I wasn’t going to have enough stuff.

No more worries along those lines!

I hope you see some stuff that you like, because most of this will make it’s way to the sale.  Be sure to save the date!

June 12 from 5 pm to 8 pm


June 13 from 9 am to 2 pm


10 thoughts on “linden hills.

  1. Love the door knobs and plates and the scale. I collect old books like those too. They are great to create vignettes with. The rug Bee Knees snagged has quite a story. The photo with dresser merchandised with the ironstone platter and glass jar canisters is really well done.


  2. I so want to find the garage sales that you do! Never find anything like this stuff. Ours are overflowing with baby items, kids clothes and stained tupperware.


    1. We walk right on past the sales that we call ‘baby bombs’. If we see a sea of tiny pink clothing, or a lot of brightly colored plastic items, we just keep on moving. We definitely have our fair share of those. But when there is a neighborhood with 100+ sales in close proximity, it’s easier to find a handful of fabulous sales amongst the riff raff. Also, we really got lucky at Linden Hills. Jeanne and I were both pinching ourselves over the fantastic stuff we were finding. It doesn’t always happen that way!


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