another quandie quickie.

Last summer I bought a sweet pair of child sized metal folding chairs at a garage sale.  I knew they would make great canvases for a chalkboard sign.  I also knew that they were an unfortunate shade of burgundy, one of my least favorite colors in the world.  Still, I know there are some burgundy lovers out there and they had a fabulously junky patina, so I painted the seats with chalkboard paint and added a design to them with a chalkboard pen and ended up with this.

chalkboard chair before full

But, despite my best efforts, they didn’t sell at my summer Carriage House Sale.  So, then I hung this one on the Carriage House.  It stayed there most of the summer, exposed to the elements.  As you can see, the chalkboard pen held up remarkably well.

I put them out for the October Carriage House Sale as well, and again they didn’t sell.  Was it the spring message?  Or was it the burgundy?  You might be thinking ‘maybe it was the price!’, but I can’t imagine it was, these were priced somewhere in the $28 range.  If someone had loved them, I don’t think the price would have been a factor.

So, as much as I love to retain an original junkalicious patina, I decided these would do better with a coat of paint.  I thought perhaps the Annie Sloan paint would work well on the metal, and I have those samples to use up, so I decided to do one in the Florence …

chalkboard chair Florence

And one in the Provence ….

chalkboard chair after

I can tell you that the Annie Sloan paint adhered nicely to the metal.  I did sand just slightly and wipe these down before painting, but that was it for prep.  I gave each chair two coats of paint, then sanded, then finished with the MMS antique wax.

chalkboard pair

These will head to Junk Bonanza with me in April to see if they can find a home.  Surely someone there will understand how fun it would be to hang one of these on the wall in the kitchen, or in a child’s room … or even outside on the garden shed door.  How cute would that be?

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