it’s not easy being green.

Kermit said it first, and the chair I painted last weekend seemed to agree.  I started out thinking I would paint it with Miss Mustard Seed’s Luckett’s Green and call it good.  I envisioned it being fabulously chippy and that awesome shabby chic green that we all know and love.  Who doesn’t love a fabulous vintage green?

garden chair green

But, there was absolutely not even the slightest amount of chipping taking place.  The wood on this chair just sucked up that paint like there was no tomorrow, and it looked like this.

garden chair beforeYawn.

I knew I had to break out the fancy techniques for this chair to truly shine.  So, I used a hemp oil resist and added a couple coats of Miss Mustard Seed’s Ironstone over the green.

Ahhhh … much better.  Now this chair looks like it has some age behind it.  Just how I like it.   As if it has been sitting in a lovely courtyard garden in the English countryside for years and years.

garden chair 4

I can just hear my mother saying “I can’t understand why anyone would want their furniture to look like this.”  She just doesn’t get it.  I’m not even sure that I do, all I know is that I love this look.
garden chair 3I finished it off with a coat of clear wax, and touches of antique wax here and there.

garden chair 2Do you love the green as much as I do?  It is currently my 2nd favorite color, falling just slightly behind aqua.  This little garden chair has me dreaming of spring and getting out in the garden, maybe that is part of the appeal.  Whatever it is, I think this little chair is the bomb.

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