stool no. 12

I picked up this metal stool last year for a song.  It was painted with metallic silver paint.  Is there some sort of super cheap metallic silver paint out there?  I have a really cool old bead board cabinet in my basement that is also painted metallic silver.  It came with the house.  Why did someone paint it metallic silver?  One of these days I might do something cool with it … just as soon as I get around to it … but I digress.  

stool before

I thought this stool had that industrial chic vibe.  I brought it home and decided to start with sanding it.  There was a layer of green under the silver, and a layer of creamy white under that.  Once again I thought someone would snatch it up at my sale … I priced it at … wait for it … $5!  But still no takers.  Clearly no one wants a silver stool with emerald green accents, and I can’t blame them.

It was another perfect candidate for the Annie Sloan sample paint.  In case you are keeping track, I have painted one picture frame, one child sized metal folding chair and now one stool with my sample and there is still about 1/3 of it left.  Here is the stool painted with Provence, and waxed with MMS antique wax.

stool 2Isn’t it lovely?

stool 1I took a few photos, and was ready to call it done.  But then I thought to myself “hey, this would be pretty fab with a number on top!”  Duh.  So a quick zap with a stencil, and voila … stool no. 12.

stool stenciledPerfect for the kitchen, or maybe the bathroom.  Use it as the seat to your vanity/dressing table.  Use it next to your wicker chaise lounge as a handy spot for your mint julep.  So many possibilities!

7 thoughts on “stool no. 12

  1. I should be leaving to meet a contractor but had to tell you I think you nailed it. If I lived there I would change the decor in my home and go vintage Quandie! I am in love with that color. Just saw your response to my comment last week. We do have a daffodils in bloom but was 42 here yesterday. Which is pretty cold for this time of year I know that will get no sympathy from you. Will you be sharing photos from your class? By for now got pick up sinks and faucets for a bathroom Reno. No not mine a
    client’s guest bath. Here’s to hoping Spring gets here fast!


    1. I have to admit, I was feeling pretty sorry for myself this week with our temps in the single digits, it’s nearly April for goodness sakes! But, then I saw that 12″ of snow were predicted for the northeast yesterday! And I was reminded that most of us are dealing with the winter that just wouldn’t quit. But this coming Sunday we may get close to 60 degrees here in Minnesota, and we will all come crawling out of our homes blinking our eyes in the sunshine, parkas and gloves left behind! Yee haw! Can hardly wait.


  2. I would have bought the stool with the silver paint and the emerald color beneath in a heartbeat. And, even more so now. I have one that is rust and green in my bathroom that I took out of the shop after no one was interested. I put a small old marble top on it that someone gave me and it is perfect. No one bought the marble top either. Both my kind of thing and they have found a home with me. I love yours painted.


  3. Love it! While I don’t decorate in that color, I do love it, and get my fix by occasionally wearing turquoise jewelry. I’m in west central MN and we have a possibility of snow tonight and tomorrow. Not happy.


    1. Thanks Kristy! Snow … bah humbug. How far are you from the Twin Cities? I think we are supposed to get a rain/snow mix, but I’m hoping it’s mostly rain!


      1. I’m by Detroit Lakes…they say a mix here too, but hoping it stays away! I’m thinking of heading down for Junk Bonanza in a few weeks, but that depends on the weather too!


      2. Well … if you do make it, be sure to look for me. I’m sharing a booth with my friend Lori who owns the Round Barn. She says our location is near the bar. Stop by and say hello!


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