champ de lavande hutch.

I am almost done with the hutch from Buffalo (that’s Minnesota, not New York).  I haven’t put the glass back in the doors yet.  I broke two of the stops taking it out, so it’s going to be a bit putzy to fix, but meanwhile, it’s easier to take pictures sans glass anyway.

So, without further ado, here is the hutch.


As you can see, I used the colors from my pinterest inspiration as a jumping off point.  My grey is not as pale, and my interior is solid navy blue instead of navy with a damask stencil.  The grey is a 50/50 mix of MMS Trophy and Ironstone.  I pre-sanded to try and limit the chipping on this piece somewhat, but as you can see, I still got a lot of chipping.  This is so hard to predict with the MMS paint.  But, I think the chippyness works.

IMG_7586I replaced the plain wood knobs that came on the hutch with some vintage glass knobs that I had on hand.

The inside is painted in MMS Artissimo.  The interior was previously painted in a really unattractive harvest gold and I didn’t want that to show if the Artissimo chipped as much as the grey did, so I used the bonding agent.  I think this is the perfect hutch to show off a collection of ironstone.  The white just pops against the navy blue of the Artissimo.


I added a Paris stencil to the drawer front for that little extra je ne sais quoi.


There is the sweetest little shelf underneath the drawer with a lovely raised edge.


Here is a final before & after  (sidebar:  I won’t be putting the fretwork back in behind the glass, it was just a bit too frilly for my taste).

champ de lavande b and aI have special plans for this hutch that will be revealed soon!  Stay tuned.

12 thoughts on “champ de lavande hutch.

  1. Your talents are being wasted in the accounting world – clearly, THIS isyour domain. Each piece is looking better than the one before…the sign of a true artist.

    OK – now you call me and tell me something good about me. LOL LOL LOL


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