have suitcase, will travel.

I picked up a bag of MMS milkpaint in Trophy the other day.  I wanted to experiment with it to see what shades of grey I could get out of it.  I find that looking at colors on the computer or even on swatches from the paint store is just not the same thing as testing them out live.

So, I pulled out some old vintage suitcases.  They were OK, but nothing special, which made them the perfect candidates for a paint job.  I grabbed a couple of my favorite stencils and some supplies and was ready to go.

On the larger suitcase, I started with Trophy straight up.  I knew I didn’t want it to go too dark, so for my top coat I used the MMS furniture wax instead of hemp oil.  I used Martha Stewart craft paint in Lake Fog for the stencil.  I find that Martha’s paint has a good consistency for stenciling.

suitcase in trophy

The Trophy is very nice on its own, but I know I want a lighter grey for my next project.  So for the slightly smaller suitcase, I used 1/2 Trophy mixed with 1/2 Ironstone.  I stenciled with Adirondack acrylic paint in Mushroom.  I finished that with the MMS furniture wax as well.

suitcase small

I ended up with a lovely pair of painted suitcases, plus a better feel for what paint and top coat I’ll need for my next piece of furniture.

suitcase pair 2With this set of fabulous luggage, I need to head to Paris.  Or perhaps just to retailer training for Miss Mustard Seed milk paint in Madison, Wisconsin!  I’ll be there next Monday along with Lori from the Round Barn.  I’m looking forward to learning some new tricks.  Watch for MMS milk paint workshops at the Round Barn beginning in March!

suitcase pair

11 thoughts on “have suitcase, will travel.

  1. The colors are so beautiful and the stencils are sized so perfectly that they look like custom luggage. Another great idea. Wish I was going to Madison, too, it is only 1-1/2 hours from here. I bet you’ll have fun!


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