another fab find.

I have been scouring craigslist lately looking for suitable pieces to paint and not finding much.  The same old stuff, either priced ridiculously high or located too far away, or just not very nice.  Then, eureka!  Saturday night while watching the Olympics and surfing on my phone … I found the ad for this beauty.  The ad was only 4 hours old.


So, I held my breath and sent an email.  Then, I tried to focus on downhill skiing and waited for a reply.  The stars were in alignment, no one had snatched it up yet and I could pick it up the next day!

Isn’t she beautiful?  She was priced just right, and we only had to drive to So. Minneapolis to pick her up.

She has really lovely hardware, and none of it is missing!  Always a bonus.

IMG_7608But what really called my name was the fantastic raised oval right in the middle.  It’s calling out for a stencil, right?


As lovely as this dresser looks in photos, in person she is very beat up.  The middle drawer is resting on top of the lower drawer, so new rails will have to be added.  She is full of scratches and dings and her finish is older than the hills.  She deserves some repairs and a fresh new paint job, and that is what she will get.

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