photo finish.

In case you are wondering why I seemed absent for the past several days, it’s because I was!  I spent the weekend with my sister and some friends at a scrapbook retreat.  For those of you who haven’t heard the news, the art of ‘scrapbooking’ seems to be on the way out.  At least the old fashioned way of scrapbooking with photos, paper, scissors and glue.  I know that there are digital versions of scrapbooks … in fact, I consider this blog to be a digital version of a scrapbook.  But,  I can’t see myself giving up the paper, glue and scissors.  And after all, it is in my blood.

My paternal grandfather put together scrapbooks.


My maternal grandmother did amazing scrapbooks, and she journaled like mad.  It’s fascinating to read about the polio epidemic in Minneapolis in the 1940’s, or the rationing during WWII.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of her work to share with you.  My mom still has all of those scrapbooks at her house in Las Vegas.

My mom carried on the tradition with scrapbooks for each of us kids.


And now both my sister and I create scrapbooks.  This weekend we both worked on pictures from our recent trip to Disney World.

Creating color schemes and layouts for pages uses the same skills needed for decorating.  I totally love the way the aqua, orange and a touch of black worked on this page.

scrapbook 3

I try to add vintage elements to my scrapbooks when I can.  The red & white cardboard letter squares on this page were purchased at Oronoco Gold Rush.  I think they were former game pieces.

scrapbook 1

The red, white and blue theme on this page works for both fake England and fake America in Epcot.

scrapbook 2

Over the course of a weekend, I created 42 pages!  I didn’t quite get the whole trip done, but I came close.  I’d like to say that I will continue to work on the remaining pictures at home, but don’t count on it.  There is unpainted furniture calling my name!

3 thoughts on “photo finish.

  1. Great story and pictures. Loved the scrapping event….now that you’ve figured out how to get those pages online, you’ll have to enter a few contests! 🙂


  2. Hi,
    Oh, I wish I had a vintage travel trailer like that one. Do you have fun memories of everyone being together on these vacations? Forty-two pages is an amazing amount of creativity in that period of time. The Halloween colors with the turquoise is such a happy combination.


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