il est beau, n’est-ce pas.

I told you that I had a plan in mind for this guy, and that it was inspired by my painted books.  As a reminder, here is the before.

tall curvy beforeI went through a ‘black period’ a few years ago.  I painted a lot of black pieces then, including the desk that I am posting from right now.  And then, I was over it.  I did one black desk early last summer only because it was already black and I just touched it up.  Then I did the owl pull dresser using my bizarre spray paint method, and that was it for black last year.

However, while working on the painted books, I decided it was time for another black piece, and here it is.

black 1I painted this with the Miss Mustard Seed milk paint in Typewriter.


That is my own vintage typewriter by the way, but I am guessing that Miss Mustard Seed has something similar that inspired the name for this paint color.

Here is how the paint looks once it’s dry, before sanding and adding the hemp oil finish.

black beforeNot great, right?  But after sanding and adding a coat of hemp oil, the black is gorgeous.

black collage

This french beauty is posted on craigslist SOLD.

10 thoughts on “il est beau, n’est-ce pas.

  1. Gorgeous!!! I love it. You have such an eye for this Linda. Excellent ad copy as well.
    It will be sold before you know it.


  2. First of all the piece is gorgeous. However, I would be freaking out, if I hadn’t read it here first, if something I thought was going to be black turned out like the “before sanding and hemp oil” shot. Now I’m curious and may have to try this technique.


    1. Yes, I have. If you look at my fab furniture tab, I used hemp oil on ‘the Jonas hutch‘ which is painted in grain sack. I also used it on the ‘primitive dresser‘ (6th one down), also painted in grain sack. I would say that the hemp oil does not darken up the white shades like it does the dark ones, it just makes them look less chalky … if that makes sense. I also used hemp oil on the dresser I painted in Luckett’s green (one of my earliest posts). I have to say, the first time I used it I wasn’t at all sure I liked it. It seemed to leave a sort of sticky residue behind. And I had read somewhere that it takes 30 days to ‘cure’ fully, and may leave oily marks on linens prior to that … so something to keep in mind, although I haven’t had a problem with that. But the sticky-ness on that first piece went away after a couple of days, and since then I’ve not had that problem again. Using the hemp oil has really grown on me, and I’m not sure I’ll ever go back to wax. It’s so much easier to apply.


  3. Found you through Miss Mustard Seed. Love your site! We have very similiar tastes. What color are you walls? I’ve got a dark brown still from the late 90’s. I’ve been thinking about a gray, but then it need a new couch, etc. I have been thinking about starting a blog as well, for now have been just using FB. Stay warm, from another Midwesterner.


    1. Hi Jane. Thanks for your comment. If you are asking about the striped walls you see in the pics in this post, the white is Dutch Boy ‘Cotton Blossom’, but the grey stripe is a custom mix. I used a left over grey I had on hand, and lightened it up a bit with some white mixed in. I know what you mean about needing a new couch, etc, etc … I thought I might end up in the same boat, but my beige couch ended up working just fine with the grey stripe. I used to just use FB also, but decided to switch to a blog for more flexibility, and I have to say that I love it. It takes up a lot more of my time though, so beware if you make the leap. Here is how you know you are a true Minnesotan (or perhaps Iowan), when you head to work in the morning and think to yourself “wow, it’s really nice out!” and then find out it is 18 degrees outside. It felt warm to me!


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