the owl dresser.

The other day someone asked me “is your house full of your own painted furniture?”  My initial reply was no.  Painting stuff for myself always takes a back seat to painting stuff to sell.  I always have that one item (or ten) that I need to finish before the sale, or before the next trip to the Round Barn.

But then I looked around my house when I got home and realized the answer is closer to yes.  Most of the stuff in my house is furniture that I have painted over the years.  And occasionally I paint something intending to sell it and end up falling in love with it and keeping it for myself instead.

Such was the case with the ‘owl pull dresser’.  I bought this from a young guy in NE Mpls via craigslist.  I was drawn to the owls on the drawer pulls.


Who could resist these?

I was drawn to the price too.  It was cheap.  I called the guy and he said he was moving that night!  If no one bought the dresser, he was just going to leave it in the apartment.  Holy mackerel.  I was on it.  I couldn’t get there before his going away party though, so he agreed to leave the dresser on the porch, if I would leave an envelope of money in the mailbox.  I know, crazy, right?

Once I got it home, I decided to paint it black.  I don’t do a lot of black anymore, but this dresser was so strong and masculine looking.  It was calling out for black.

Then, I did something really crazy.  This is the point where I have to swear you to secrecy.  Do not reveal my method!  I painted the whole thing with satin black spray paint.  After allowing it to dry for about 30 minutes, I then used a rag to apply paste wax.  The wax takes off some (or maybe a lot) of the paint.  This method is not for the faint of heart.  It’s messy, and you never know what kind of result you might get.  For this dresser, the result was fantastic!


I loved it so much, I knew I had to keep it.  And I had the perfect spot for it just inside my back door.  This thing holds a ton of stuff too.  Bottom two drawers are all shoes.  Top two are scarves, gloves and hats.  And those two little jewelry drawers at the top are perfect ‘his and hers’ spots for the little stuff … keys, sunglasses, spare change.

So, for now, I’m keeping this one.

5 thoughts on “the owl dresser.

  1. I am sitting her with a quizzical look on my face. Now I HAVE TO try this on something. Can’t wait to see how it works for me. It sounds crazy but looks fabulous. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Try it on something small first. Be prepared to make a mess and use rags you can throw away (old t-shirts?). Also, the longer you wait between the spray paint and the wax, the less paint will come off. You’ll definitely want to experiment with this method first, before trying it on something that matters to you. Good luck!


  2. I could’ve sworn I’d read your entire blog years ago! I had some extra time today, was in the mood for a smile, so decided to take a stroll down memory (blog) lane. Low and behold, I found this gem! How did I miss this masculine beauty! Your painting technique is quite unusual and very scary! I want to give it a try because the results are amazing but I’m also a chicken and afraid I’d come out with a big gloopy blob of nasty. I will definitely have to find some small piece of junk and give this one a try!


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