Just a quick post because I wanted to share today’s project.

I worked on some more of the painted and stenciled books and I’m tickled pink with how they turned out.

books on chair

These are just random hard cover books painted black (with Miss Mustard Seed’s milk paint in Typewriter), then stenciled in a very pale grey.  I sanded them slightly, and this time I added some hemp oil to seal the finish.

Paris books

If this were summer, I could find piles and piles of hardcover books for $1 each.  But in the dead of winter, I am finding it difficult to get my hands on lots of books at a reasonable price.  I tried craigslist and found a set of 1956 encyclopedias for $35, but the seller hasn’t responded to my inquiry.  I’ve checked a local thrift store, and they are charging $5 each!

If anyone has any good ideas for me, keeping in mind I don’t want to spend more than around $1 each, I’m all ears.

painted books

15 thoughts on “books.

  1. Oh my gosh, these turned out beautiful! They are really striking.
    My library sells donated hardcover books for 1.00 each. For some reason, they don’t catalog them and put them on the shelves. Most libraries, if not all, have an on-going book sale and sell at a very low cost.


      1. I was also going to suggest a library sale. The libraries in my area seem to stagger the sale dates so you can find one just about any time during the year.


  2. Hi Linda, it’s Peggy and Jay’s friend 🙂 Love your new blog! You have to go to Goodwill!!! They will have a color coded tag sale where any book with that color tag is 10 for $1.50. You can’t beat 15 cents each, unless they’re free of course!


      1. Anytime! I’m a major thrifter/dumpster diver 😉 Have you checked out ARC? It’s my happy place. In fact, I found an antique dictionary there that is now wallpaer in my office. Great finds there as well 🙂 I really like the stenciled book idea. I don’t get to the round barn much, but am glad you are selling there. You do beautiful work.


      2. Cool! I’d love to see your dictionary wallpaper. I bet it is fab! Also … fyi … I have a pretty good feeling that some of these stenciled books will also make it into my sale in June, so look for them there! I have been to ARC, but not for quite some time. My friend Jeanne and I are determined to get to some of these places over the winter, but we haven’t made it yet. We should put that at the top of the list.


  3. I have a huge stack of old decorator books I would like to try this on. Where can I find lovely stencils like yours. New to your blog and a huge fan!!!


    1. Hello Tammy! I ordered my first batch of stencils on Etsy from Euro Stencil Designs, and another couple online from Maison de Stencils. Both have many choices that would work fantastically on your books. Good luck!


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