fun with craigslist.

I love craigslist.  It boggles my mind that someone came up with this fantastic idea, and that it is FREE!  Really, let’s take a moment to stop and reflect upon that.  Thanks Craig, or whoever you are.  I really appreciate it.

The other day I was surfing the ‘list’, and I came across an ad for a buffet and this was their picture.

hoarder buffet ad

Yep … that’s the picture that they thought would encourage someone to want to buy it.

My first thought was “yikes! trash house!”, but my second thought was “gosh, that might be really pretty!”  So, I contacted the seller.  The first good sign was that her name was Linda … anyone named Linda can’t be bad.  The second good sign was that the buffet was still available.  After speaking with Linda, I got the full story.  Her brother was hired to clean out a friend’s abandoned house, and this buffet was buried amongst the rubble.  She posted the ad, but I would be dealing with her brother.

Off we went to the big city (that’s Minneapolis, for future reference) to take a look.  I confess, I was a little nervous.  I had visions of trying to clear a path through piles of trash to get to the buffet, maybe a couple of rats running to and fro.  Horrible smells permeating the air.  That kind of thing.   But in the end, Linda’s brother was a super nice guy.  Very friendly, and obviously not afraid of a little hard work, since he had already removed two dumpsters of trash from the house, and really had it looking pretty cleaned up.  He apologized for the musty smell of the house before we even went in, but I have to say, it wasn’t that bad.  I’ve definitely smelled worse!  Turned out, his niece was one of my husband’s former yoga instructors.  Small world, huh?

Anyway, we descended into the basement and there she was.  It was love at first sight.  I didn’t even try to bargain for a reduced price, or hide my delight.  I handed over the cash and said “I’ll take it!”

hoarder buffet before

She isn’t super ornate or elaborate, not a lot of frilly details, but filled with sinewy curves that are just elegant.  And look at those legs!  Naturally I will be painting this … in fact, I am going to start as soon as I stop typing.  Check back soon for the after pics!

One thought on “fun with craigslist.

  1. Can’t wait to see what you do to this lovely piece. I absolutely adore the curve along the bottom center. The legs are pretty sexy too. And I like the fact that the rest of it is rather simple. That helps to show off the fabulous parts. Good find.


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