winter sports.

What better way to spend a seriously cold (currently precisely zero degrees outside) January day than organizing, editing and printing photos from my recent trip to Orlando and remembering how fabulously sunny and warm it was there in October.  Sigh.  It seems so long ago now.

entry gateMy sister, niece, mom and I were there to celebrate my mom’s Halloween birthday.  The fact that the Food & Wine festival was happening at EPCOT at the same time was a complete coincidence.

food and wineOr not.

While there, we went on the new Expedition Everest ride three times.  Amazing.  We even waited an extra 5 minutes the 2nd time around so we could be in the very front seat.  Well worth it.  Good fun.

Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom

Scrapbooking (not a real word, I know) is my winter sport of choice.  It pretty much requires just as much, if not more, gear than some of the other winter sports, like skiing or ice fishing.  But you don’t have to bundle up and brave the cold.  You do have to bring the appropriate attitude though.

scrapbook gear

February will be here before we know it, and my sister (above on left) is once again coming all the way from New Jersey for a scrapbook weekend.  If you aren’t a scrapbook aficionado, let me explain what that entails.  We head up to Mary’s beautiful lake home bringing only soft, fleecy casual wear, no makeup, and our piles of scrapbook gear.  Mary has her entire lower level set up for us.  She has every possible tool we could need; computers, printers, Cricut machines, tables, lighting, ergonomically correct chairs and a fantastic wood burning stove.  All with picture window views of the now frozen lake.  Mary provides all the meals (home cooked and delicious) and snacks.  We spend the entire weekend laughing, eating and creating scrapbook masterpieces in cozy comfort.  It is truly heaven on earth for a scrapbooker.

So for now, in preparation, I need to get all of my photos tweaked, cropped and printed, which is no small task.  We won’t have warmer weather for a while here in Minnesota, so I may as well get comfy at my computer and work on perfecting my winter sport of choice.

7 thoughts on “winter sports.

    1. I’m sure I’ll share some pics of what I accomplish afterwards. And I’m pretty sure the scrapbooking gene is closely related to the designing gene … both involve putting colors/patterns together, and placement of items in a space … whether it’s a blank room or a blank page. Maybe you should give it a try!


  1. Every one of your posts makes me smile! You have such a warm and pleasant way with words! Keep up the good work ’cause we are enjoying it immensely!!


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