I usually am more than ready to put away the Christmas decorations by January 1.  Somehow this year, it seems like I just barely got them up, and now they are coming down.  Maybe because there was such a short time span between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Or maybe because I made the crazy decision to repaint two rooms in the intervening weeks.

I took a few pics to share with you, before I put everything away for another year.

I have a few vintage Christmas postcards.  I love the graphics on them.  This one would greet you just inside my front door.


This is the garland that was draped across my black ‘owl pull’ dresser near the back door.

garland collageAs you can see, a lot of what I use is not strictly for Christmas.  Like the glittery Eiffel tower, the golden “S” and the little crusty birdcage.  The same is true of the tarnished silver platters in the display above my microwave in the kitchen.

microwaveHere are some photos from my scrap book room.

scrap room collage

and some of my aqua decorations from the living room.

blue balls

Of course, there is my lovely little tree with my collection of vintage glass ornaments.

ornament collage

And let’s not forget outside … we had plenty of snow here for a white Christmas this year.

outdoor collageThese outside decorations are meant to stay up throughout the winter … not just Christmas decorations, but winter decorations.  I’ll get to enjoy them for quite a bit longer here in Minnesota.  When these come down, I promise you I will be good and sick of them and thrilled that they are being put away for another year!

2 thoughts on “bittersweet.

  1. This is a really good post and you showed me some ideas for display in my shop. I’ve got four iron wheels sitting on the floor and I’ve got lots and lots of antique post cards so that will be a good way to display both. I wish you could come over and help me display! So, thanks for the display “fix” I needed for January 2014. And, like you, I need to paint the shop (no small feat) this month. Wish I could close for a month and move everything in the center of the shop and paint away.


    1. I normally hang that wheel from a little iron hook thingie that mounts to the wall, but it fell out (those darn plaster walls), so I just posed it in the window instead. Maybe you could hang yours in some way. I’ve attached vintage family photos to it too, which is also a fun look. I’d love to come help you display! If only I were closer. I have an occasional sale twice a year in my carriage house, and setting up the displays is my favorite part of the process. I could arrange and re-arrange endlessly.


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