the domino effect.

I am often victim to something I like to call the ‘domino effect.’  It’s that thing that happens when you decide to change just one thing in a room and somehow it leads to a complete makeover of the entire room, and often the neighboring rooms as well.  Do you know what I’m talking about?

In this case, it all started with painting the oak buffet.  You know, this one…

oak buffet 2

I totally love the new color on the buffet, and it sort of works with my olive green striped walls … but gosh, wouldn’t it be so much better if the walls were white and pale grey?

I did the stripes in my living area several years ago.  Here is a picture from when they were brand new.

living room before

I love them.  Even though my husband initially said he felt like he was living in a prison cell, he came around when the rooms were finished.  I’m planning to do another horizontal stripe in here, but something just a tad more subtle.

Obviously, if I change the wall color to white and pale grey, the window treatments are going to have to go.  That’s OK, they aren’t really me anymore at all.  The sofa and ottomans are relics from the time before I realized that buying matched sets of furniture shows a distinct lack of imagination.  Unfortunately, I can’t afford to replace the sofa right now, but maybe I can disguise it with a cover of some kind.  And surely I can come up with an alternative coffee table to replace the ottomans.

You see what I mean?  The domino effect.  Stay tuned to see where it takes me.  I’ll keep you posted.

2 thoughts on “the domino effect.

  1. Oh yes, I know that “domino effect” well. Putting a 1/2 bath on my first floor led to completely painting and redecorating every room on that level. But…I LOVE the changes and my new look. I’m looking forward to seeing your new look too. Let’s face it, this is what we love to do so what’s wrong with doing what we love.


    1. Excellent perspective Salvage Junkie! I’m going to re-read your comment frequently today as I am prepping my rooms for paint and wondering why in the world I decided to do this.


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