the boxwood dresser.

Last summer,  Jeanne and I hit the mother lode at a neighborhood garage sale in Minneapolis.  We came home with full truck.

It was one of those sales where the furniture was cheap and plentiful.  You gotta love those neighborhood sales!

I ended up with a dresser and two 1920’s built in bookcases (the tall dresser in the center was Jeanne’s find).

photo from
photo from

Yes, we fit all of this, plus more, into a Ford Ranger pickup.  We are masters at fitting everything in and avoiding a second trip back to the city to pick up our finds.

I originally thought I would paint the dresser on the far left with a Union Jack design, but as it turned out, I had purchased some of Miss Mustard Seed’s “Boxwood” milk paint, and I decided this dresser was perfect for it.

boxwood 1

This dresser had such a shiny finish, I added a bonding agent to the paint.  After painting, I finished it off with a coat of SC Johnson’s paste wax.

Isn’t it gorgeous?!  The details just pop on this guy now.

boxwood 2

7 thoughts on “the boxwood dresser.

    1. We do have a ridiculous amount of fun garage saleing, and are suffering serious withdrawal now that garage sale season is over. We’ll be chomping at the bit for next year’s sales to begin!


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