the carriage house.

My house was built in 1904.  Or possibly 1898.  Depends which documents you look at.  The official record says 1904 though.  It was originally the farmhouse for a dairy farm.  But now it is smack in the burbs.  The surrounding land was sold off and developed and now my house sits on a normal sized suburban lot.  The beauty of it is that my house is like a little pocket of country conveniently located near the city.


One of my favorite features is the carriage house.

Yep, it’s a genuine carriage house.  It was never a barn or anything like that.  I assume they kept the carriages in it.  I still keep the carriages in it … well, the cars.  But only in the winter.

In the summer it becomes my workshop extraordinaire.  It is filled with furniture and other goodies waiting to be transformed.  Then twice a year, once in June and once in early October, it hosts the Carriage House Sale.   The occasional sale that my like minded friends and I put on.


2 thoughts on “the carriage house.

  1. I love all the different colors you have used. There really has been a lot of them. I guess our maiden name wasn’t good enough to explain the Q. You had to make up a new one, which by the way is pretty good.


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