inspiration and enthusiasm.

OK, so, here’s the thing.  I’m not always real good at being properly seasonal.  I know everyone else out there in social media land is pushing the pumpkins, the fall colors, and the Halloween décor.

I, on the other hand, seem to be stuck in full-on summer mode still.  At least for today.  Quite honestly, it wasn’t until I was halfway done with these boxes that I realized I should maybe have gone with more of a fall look.

Oh well, I’m going to share them with you anyway.

If you’ll remember, I picked up a mini Lane box while garage saling last week.  As several of you commented, apparently these were given away to girls graduating from high school in the past (or maybe even still?).  My picker found the box on the bottom for me, and it’s an old cigar box.

I painted them both up in Dixie Belle’s Drop Cloth first and then I dug through my stash of transfers to see what would inspire me.

I ended up pulling out several Dixie Belle transfers; Vintage Floral, Dewy Morning and Vintage Post.  Those last two are brand new releases and I don’t see them listed on the Dixie Belle website yet, but they are available from DB retailers if you want to look for them.

Next I just went to town adding flowers to each of the boxes.

Once I had the flowers in place, I added a little wording.  The wording is all from the Vintage Post transfer.

The Lane box has a little bit of curved wording on the front …

And this bit on the top.

I had to look closely to see what that said, ‘inspiration and enthusiasm are caught not taught’.  So true, I like it.

The cigar box has this portion of the Vintage Post transfer on the top …

I wrapped it around the sides just a bit to meet up with the florals from the sides of the box.

My favorites of the flower transfers are the iris and the blue hydrangea on this box.

Those two, and in fact most of the flowers on this box, are from the Vintage Floral transfer.

The hydrangeas on the smaller box are from the Dewy Morning transfer and lean a little bit more purple rather than blue.

I didn’t paint the inside of either box.  I definitely didn’t want to paint the cedar box, since … you know, cedar lining is the whole point of that one.

I did line each one with some Paris map paper from October Afternoon though.

These boxes may be out of season, but hopefully you caught some inspiration and enthusiasm from this post anyway.

Both of these boxes are for sale locally (check out my ‘available for local sale’ page for more details).  If they don’t sell to someone here, I’ll probably tuck them away to bring into the shop next spring when they are more in season.

Thank you to Dixie Belle Paint Co for providing the paint and the transfers used on these boxes!

25 thoughts on “inspiration and enthusiasm.

  1. Beautiful job, love the both. I myself would not be able to cover the bottom box as an antique lover, boxes with dovetail joints are becoming so rare and highly collectible that it would have more value in its untouched state. But then I am a pit if a purest when it comes to rarer antiques. I admire your selection of papers and wording on all your projects.


  2. Very charming. I sometimes think the season’s get pushed too soon. October is soon enough.! Great job,beautiful boxes. They would make a lively gift for a special person in your life. Take care and summer on .!!


  3. I love both of these boxes! The seasons might change, but in my mind it is always summer! Sure wish you’d do shipping on these smaller items…I’d buy them immediately!! Thanks for sharing!


  4. The boxes are wonderful. I don’t do much “seasonal” (except at C’mas and that’s a whole ‘nother story). The Lane box would go perfectly in my bedroom. 🙂


    1. I’m with you Mrs SW, I don’t do a whole lot of seasonal other than Christmas either. The seasons just go by so quickly! You just get everything up and it’s time to switch it all out again.


  5. Every time you post a new creation, I think, oh THAT’S MY FAVORITE, and now, these are my new favorites!!…and at anytime of the year! Thanks for sharing endless beauty and inspiration!


  6. I love that you do you!! Just because everyone else is doing fall it doesn’t mean you have to. It is refreshing to see something else – especially when it comes from you. I admire your creativity and ability to envision what works on a piece.


    1. Thanks so much Nancy! I do sometimes feel like I’m not a proper blogger because I don’t do the whole ‘let’s decorate for spring, let’s decorate for summer, let’s decorate for fall’ thing. So I’m happy to hear that some of you like it that way!


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