everything’s coming up daisies.

The day before I left for my mom’s house, Mr. Q and I drove out to my in-law’s place to see their daisies in bloom.

I just had to share their field of daisies with you guys, so even though I forgot my camera that day I snapped a few photos with my phone.

Mr. Q’s mom and step-dad, Naomi and Tom, purchased this old farmstead in Wisconsin a few years back.  One spring their lawn mower was on the fritz and they weren’t able to get it fixed right away, so the front lawn didn’t get cut.  That was when they discovered that it wasn’t just a weedy lawn, it was actually a field of daisies.

Since then they have left it to bloom every spring.

Once the daisies are done blooming, they mow it all down to normal lawn height.  But before then, they get to enjoy this beautiful field of daisies for several weeks.

There are a few other wildflowers mixed in with the daisies, but the daisies are definitely the star of the show.

This is such a great life lesson.  You never know when a broken lawnmower might lead to the discovery of a field of daisies!

While I was out there, I thought I’d also get a few pics of one of Tom’s fairy houses.

This makes my fairy garden look like child’s play, does it not?  I’m going to have to consider expanding.

The creeping thyme was just starting to bloom while we were there as well, isn’t it perfect for a fairy garden?

Tom built this fairy house from scratch, carving all of the wood elements by hand, cutting stone for the roof and even making the leaded glass windows.

It’s furnished inside and even has electricity, see the lights burning in the windows?

It does not, however, have indoor plumbing.  That’s what the outhouse is for.

Usually when I share photos of this fairy house people ask if Tom sells these creations, but I have to say that if he did the price would have to be exorbitant.  He puts so many hours of labor into them.  This is one of those things that you can’t really put a price on.

I hope you enjoyed this visit to see Tom & Naomi’s field of daisies as much as I did!

13 thoughts on “everything’s coming up daisies.

  1. Loved both, the daisies and the fairie house. When I was young, I would pull my car over to pick daisies that gre won the side of the road, even tried to transplant some (they didn’t take). The closest I ever got to having a field of flowers in my yard was the first year we bought a house in semi-rural Texas and there were bluebonnets growing on about 1/3 of the yard. Thanks for sharing.

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      1. Daisy’s are my favorite flower! They just make you happy just looking at them. We just got a few seed packets and are going to try to get some going….love the fairy house too!

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  2. The daises are lovely and Mr. Q’s folks live in an idyllic setting. Isn’t that where your dollhouse went to live? It seems ideal.


  3. Pretty post, Miss Quandie…….it’s so nice that you have the option to leisurely drive over to see a field of daisies! So, Mr. Q’s parents live in Wisconsin? How far is is from where you live in Minnesota?


  4. Oh, the daisies are wonderful! What a nice surprise that turned out to be. Love the fairy garden – wow, what a talent to be able to make the houses. Thank you so much for sharing.


  5. Hi Linda,
    How fortunate to have access to this talent! Really enjoyed this post, truly gifted! Thanks for sharing!


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