elevating the ordinary.

My sister and I popped into one of our local garden centers (Gertens, for any of you locals wondering) a week or so after Christmas.  We just happened to be in the neighborhood, and thought maybe they’d have some Christmas stuff at a steep discount.

And sure enough, all of the Christmas stuff was 75% off.  I purchased some fun starburst lights that I’m going to use in the front window box next year, but I also found this large glass cloche in the Christmas section.  I have no clue why it was considered a Christmas item, do you guys have any guesses?

I know it’s hard to tell the size from that photo, but it’s about 16″ tall and a foot wide.  It was originally $79.99, but at 75% off I got it for around $20.

I couldn’t resist it.  You just gotta love a good cloche, right?

Once I got it home, I decided it needed a good base to go with it.  I happened to have some large wooden chargers that I received from re.design with prima back when I was a content creator for them.

The chargers come in three different sizes, 10″, 12″ and 14″   …

Back in early 2019, I had dressed these up with some paint and transfers.

I sent them in to the shop to sell, but only the top one went.  That, by the way, is the French Ceramics transfer that re.design with prima recently re-released because it was in such demand.  It is fab, isn’t it?

The bottom two eventually came back home with me and have been awaiting a do-over.  The largest one happened to be just the right size for this cloche.

So I sanded down the transfer a bit first.  Not enough to remove it completely, but just enough to smooth out any edges that would show through paint.  Then I painted over it with Dixie Belle’s Drop Cloth.  Once that was fully dry, I pulled out my IOD Brocante transfers.

I think you’ll probably agree that there was an obvious choice staring me in the face.  Yep, the clock.

The clock was literally the same exact diameter as my new cloche.

It was about at this point that I realized that putting anything on the charger, inside the cloche, was basically just going to cover up that cool clock.  Duh.

Well, no worries.  I gave it a shot and decided I like the look after all.

No, you can’t see all of the clock, but you can see that it’s there.

Somehow putting even the most ordinary items inside a cloche elevates them to something special.

For now I’ve got some books, a vintage camera and an old photo of my grandmother on display.

Do you have any cloches?  And if so, what’s under yours?

23 thoughts on “elevating the ordinary.

  1. I love this …. I have several cloches but not one that size . I think the cloche was considered a Christmas item as it was purchased from the Christmas wholesale section of their suppliers catalogue. They may not carry them in other seasons as they may not dedicate space to decor that doesn’t sell well at other times .
    Anyways I think the clockface elevates the styling of the display.


  2. i have 3 cloches set up – one cloche sits on a dark wood round stand with a crystal cross in it, one cloche sits on a light wood round stand and has a dark blue ceramic vase in it, and one cloche sits in the middle of a gold tray and covers a old crystal butter dish with a lid that is made with a stem or stand to it, which I have surrounded with pcs of real and faux turquoise jewelry (my favorite).


  3. Love your posts and who doesn’t love a cloche! I have a small bird nest (found on the ground) with silver and gold acorns in it. Also I have two small pinecones in it. At Christmas I put small bottle brush trees in it and a Santa ornament!


  4. Love what you did. I have a huge “cloche” which is actually a bell jar from my father’s chemistry lab back when he was teaching high school. It is so tall I put a Sacred Heart statue in it.


  5. l love them and they sell really well for me, but hard to come by inexpensively. I usually find an old cheese dish at a garage sale or glass cake lid and make my own cloche. I sometimes put the glass lids over a silver platter, or a silver compote. Not really a cloche, but I style them the same way!


  6. What the what Miss Quandie!??? You are a literal MAGNET for awesome inexpensive things……..all the up-cyclable things in Minnesota are tuned in to your vibration, just waiting to be chosen!!! I love what you did with this cloche, definitely elevating it waaay up there!

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  7. That cloche is fabulous! I’d have snatched it up in a second, especially at that price. And they clock face looks great on the base. Thanks for the inspiration!


  8. I love a good cloche as well. My favorite has a miniature Effiel Tower under it. I have others that I change with the seasons. Yours looks great.


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