the blue plate special.

A while back I shared a quick and easy craft project using unfinished wooden chargers (or plates) from Prima Marketing …

You can do so many different things with these plates and they are an easy, quick project to have fun with.

Here’s how the plates look when you buy them.

They come in three sizes, 10″, 12″ and 14″ and they are basically a blank canvas for getting creative.  Once finished you could use them as chargers, display them in a china cabinet or maybe just hang them on the wall.  They are light enough that you could easily do that with some 3M Command Strips.

Prima Marketing had sent me 3 of each size, so in addition to the ones I already shared, I’ve now finished up the rest of them.

First off, I made this coordinating set of three.

I painted them with Dixie Belle paint in Dropcloth.  Then I used 4 different Prima Marketing transfers.  French Ceramics (on the top plate shown above), French Ceramics II (on the bottom plate) and Floral Lover (the gingham on the middle plate, and why this is called Floral Lover is beyond me because the set consists of the gingham pattern and a striped pattern, no florals in sight).

To dress up the gingham plate a little bit more I also added one of Prima’s French Pots IV transfers over the gingham transfer.  Yes, you can layer transfers like this.  Just be sure that your first transfer is well adhered before adding the second one by lightly burnishing it with a clean, dry cloth.

After the transfers were in place I sanded lightly to distress them a bit and then sealed the plates with The Real Milk Paint Co’s Dead Flat Finishing Cream.  I think this set would be perfect to hang on the wall.

Next, I tried something just a tad different with a couple of the plates.  I turned them into cake plates by adding some wood pedestals that I picked up at my local craft store for about $6 each (or in my case, I took my sister with me and we each had a 40% off coupon, so they were $3.60 each).

I used Elmer’s Wood Glue to attach the pedestals.  Once that was dry, I mixed up some Miss Mustard Seeds milk paint in Curio, which is a deep brown.  I don’t know that I would ever choose to paint something in this color and leave it that way, but Curio works great as a base color.  Especially over unfinished wood.  Unlike chalk paint or acrylic paint (Fusion or General Finishes), milk paint soaks into unfinished wood rather than sitting on the surface.  That makes it perfect to use as a stain too.

In my case, I just wanted a layer underneath my final color so that when I distressed these you wouldn’t see fresh new wood under the paint.

Once the Curio was dry, I sanded the plates lightly and then I added just a little beeswax to the edges to encourage my next coat of paint to distress just down to the darker layer.  Then I painted them with Miss Mustard Seeds milk paint in Linen, my favorite warm white shade.  It took several coats to get good coverage with the white over the dark brown.

In hindsight, I’m not sure it was worth taking all of this effort.  I didn’t get much chipping.  I did distress down to the Curio layer around the edges though, so maybe it added some depth.

After sanding the plates, I added the same two transfers that I used on my original pair of plates, Simplicity (which is the toile pattern) and Never Ending Story.  Once again I sealed them with The Real Milk Paint Co’s Dead Flat Finishing Cream.

But instead of stopping there I decided to have a little fun with a some new products that Prima Marketing sent my way, Modeling Material and a mold called Regal Findings.

I made a couple molds of the little bees (see them there in the middle row?) and added them to the bases of my cake stands.

I glued them on with wood glue before the molds had hardened which allowed me to form them to the curve of the base.  Once they hardened, I painted them with the Linen milk paint, allowed that to dry, topcoated it with the RMP Co’s Finishing Cream, allowed that to dry, then added a little Miss Mustard Seeds Antiquing wax to give them some definition.

I’m still practicing with the molds.  These tiny ones are a bit trickier than the larger designs.  Especially those fragile little bee legs.  As you can see, this bee lost a leg.

But after I get a little better at it, I plan to share a tutorial post on using the Modeling Material and the molds, so stay tuned for that.

Meanwhile, although I’m not a baker and never have need for a cake stand, these also work well to provide varying layers of height to a display.

Funny side bar story, I never even knew these vintage opera glasses of mine say “PARIS” on them.

It wasn’t until I was editing the photos for this post that I noticed that!  Cool, huh?

Anyway, these were just a few ideas of the ways you can use the wooden plates. I’ve got one more set of them that I’ll be sharing later in the week so be sure to check back!

Special thanks to Prima Marketing, Miss Mustard Seeds Milk Paint, Dixie Belle Paint and The Real Milk Paint Co for providing products used on these projects.

25 thoughts on “the blue plate special.

  1. These are great Quandie. Could you actually use the cake stands for cookies or cupcakes? Just wondering. Looking forward to the post about the molds. Almost time for gardening and I see all sorts of possibilities there.🤗🤗


    1. They’d be perfect for cookies or cupcakes. I wouldn’t submerge them in water to clean them, but you could wipe them down if they got a little frosting or some crumbs on them. Good idea!


  2. Fantastic projects – creating art with unfinished wood. You have such a great vision and execute perfectly. Thanks for sharing your cake stands and decorated plates.


  3. Fantastic ideas for entertaining. The chargers, plates and pedestal cake stands look amazing. A great project for people planning events for friends or family.


    1. It would be fun to plan a buffet spread using a mix of these chargers and cake stands with some vintage china. Perfect for a party! Love that idea Janice 🙂


  4. The plates and cake plates turned out great! I love the little bee mold. These would make wonderful hostess gifts 😊


  5. Cuteness personified! Love the blues together and can see them hung on a wall as a trio. I know for sure I wouldn’t have the patience for the molds, but they are darling. Would look cute just by themselves on a book or by a vase.


    1. Check back on Friday when I’ll share another project using a different mold that was much easier. Naturally, as is my tendency, I started out with the most difficult molds. I really need to get a more detailed ‘how-to’ post written.


  6. These are great. Love that you made a set into cake stands. I have a pair of opera glasses that say PARIS as well. They also say “CHEVALIER OPTICIEN”.


  7. The set of blue plates are my favorite of the two. I enjoy everything you do in blues. My favourite color. Always enjoy your blog and projects.


  8. Do you think the modeling material can be used for plaster picture frame repair? I usually use wood filler or plaster of paris that I put into a modeling clay mold, but both are messy. Would this work and be paintable?


    1. I would think so. I’m definitely just a beginner at using the modeling material though. The only thing I’m not sure about is what kind of mold you use and how difficult it would be to get the modeling material out of the mold intact. Once dry, this material can be painted.


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