not exactly impressive.

Well, my sister and I made it out for our first garage saling Saturday of the season this past weekend and I have to say, the results were not exactly impressive.

In fact, they were a bit sad.

Oh boy, do I miss my Minneapolis neighborhood sales!

Typically there is at least one, if not a couple, of neighborhood sales in Minneapolis every weekend in May leading up to Memorial Day.  We usually start out with Bryn Mawr the first weekend, and then Tangletown, Linden Hills, Armitage Kenny and ECCO usually follow.  Last year they all were canceled due to COVID, no surprise there.  This year they seem to all be canceled again.  Although COVID is sometimes given as the reason, I can’t help but feel like the social unrest that is happening in Minneapolis is also playing a part in the decision to cancel.  Or possibly the people who organized these sales realized how much work it was and they enjoyed not having to do it last year!

Regardless of the reason, I am mourning the loss of my favorite sales for the 2nd year in a row.

That being said, this past weekend both my own home town and the neighboring town had city wide sales.  In the past I have never gone to either of these because they conflicted with the Minneapolis neighborhood sales.  And I always chose the Minneapolis sales because they tend to be ‘Saturday Only’ sales.  Both of the nearby city wide sales started on Thursday.  As you may know, I have a Monday thru Friday office job.  By the time I can get there on Saturday, everything is pretty picked over.  In fact, one of the proprietors we talked to on Saturday said he shouldn’t have even bothered being open on Saturday because he’d only made $2 so far.  I purchased that wooden box from him for $8 though, so I quadrupled his sales.

I did buy a couple of jar-type items while we were out.  In both cases they are new jars designed to look vintage.  But the lids just look too new to pull that off.

I also had another jar in my stash that needed sprucing up, so I decided to do some lid makeovers yesterday starting with this ‘coffee’ jar …

For this lid I used the Copper Gilding Wax from Dixie Belle to give it a new look.

I often apply the gilding wax using a q tip, but that would have not worked at all for this lid.  When doing a larger-ish flat surface like this one, I find it’s easiest to apply the wax using a disposable latex glove and my finger tip.

To get that look I applied two coats of the copper wax, waited a couple of hours for it to dry, and then buffed it with a clean t-shirt.

I’m constantly amazed how the smallest change, like adding copper wax to this lid, can make such a difference.

Next up was that set of 4 jars in a vintage style metal locker basket.

I have to say that I only purchased them because I loved the little locker basket.  Then afterwards I had buyer’s remorse and I thought “gosh, that was dumb, I don’t even like those jars and what am I going to do with a little locker basket?”

I painted the lids in Dixie Belle’s Drop Cloth, once dry I sanded to distress them a bit, and then I added some of the knob transfers from with prima.  Finally I topped them off with some clear wax.

Seriously, how perfect were those knob transfers for the tops of these jars?  So cute.  This transformation definitely alleviated my buyer’s remorse!

Next up is this jar that I had in my stash.

I use this type of jar for flour, sugar, etc in my own cupboard.  But that blah beige lid just wasn’t working for me on this one.

So I simply painted the lid using Dixie Belle’s Kudzu.

And then I dressed up the jar itself with one of IOD’s French Pot transfers.

If you’re one of those people who don’t like the look of the ‘halo’ around transfers, you should probably never use them on glass.

But personally, I don’t have a problem with that look.

So, there you have it.  Some quick and easy jar updates.  Which one is your favorite?

But wait!  Before I go, even though my haul from Saturday wasn’t exactly stellar, I still want to share my ‘find of the day’.

I just love the colors on this Land O’Lake recipe box.  I don’t know how old it it, but I’m pretty sure the butter boxes themselves no longer say that the herds are tested for Tuberculosis (just checked the box in my fridge, and nope, they no longer say that).

My sister and I got a kick out of reading some of the recipes that were inside, like this one for a hearty he-man stack to be served with beer …

That’s a lotta meat!

I’m pretty sure that these recipe boxes didn’t originally come with Byerly’s recipes, so I suspect whoever owned it swapped out the originals for these.

I did a little googling and found some of these recipe boxes online for prices ranging from $79 to $249.99 … seriously?  Surely no one in their right mind would pay those prices.  I always look at online prices with a very healthy dose of skepticism.  How about you?  That being said, I am going to sell this one on with a price tag of $20.  Much more realistic I think.  If any of you locals are interested, be sure to hit me up (in other words, email me at


11 thoughts on “not exactly impressive.

  1. Bovine tuberculosis was a huge problem in the 20’s-30’s. My grandfather had to destroy his whole dairy cow herd because of it. I’d guess the box is from the 40’s while it was still a concern. Now that the Native American maiden is not being used by Land O’ Lakes anymore, it makes it more valuable, but certainly not worth $100’s.

    I love the wood box and can’t wait to see what you do with that!


    1. Wow, that must have been a huge setback for your grandfather! Thanks for sharing that interesting bit of history with me. And I agree, certainly not worth $100’s!


  2. All so transforming. Sorry you didn’t find more but you made the most of these. The lid makeovers really made those jars shine.


  3. Hey, I have that same Land O’ Lakes recipe box! It belonged to my step-dad’s aunt, who was my landlady back in the 80’s. I inherited some of her kitchen things when she died. Also, I have an old Hoosier jar from my grandma, but the original lid was replaced by a Skippy lid. Now I know what to do to make it look appropriate again. Thanks, Quandie!


    1. I wish I could find out more about the recipe boxes, I wonder if they were a giveaway sort of thing. You know, buy 5 lbs of butter, get a free recipe box, or something like that. But I couldn’t find anything online other than outrageous prices to buy them on Etsy, eBay, Ruby Lane and others. And you’re welcome, have fun making over that Skippy lid!


  4. Miss Quandie! (-: See how your smallest little projects give inspiration to others? That lady with the Skippy jar lid will give her vintage jar a huge upgrade! You’ve just got that skill of seeing things that other people don’t. (-;


  5. You need to check only the “sold” listings on EBay or Etsy. Way more realistic. I saw a mixing bowl at an antique shop one time marked 125.00. I said I had that same bowl at home and didn’t know it was worth that much. The store owner said it isn’t worth 125.00 until I actually sell it for that price. Changed my way of thinking.


  6. Maybe not as numerous but nice finds. Love the new lids on the jars in the locker basket. SO cute. I’d sure like to add the Land-O-Lakes tin to my collection. The copper gilding wax really did the job on the coffee jar lid.


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