perfect for painting.

On Monday I showed you the mid-mod nightstand that my friend Jackie found for me free at the curb.

It was perfectly functional, but it did have a cigarette burn.

Well, I’m calling that a ‘cigarette’ burn but who knows what really caused it.  I can say that the piece does not smell of cigarette smoke, thank goodness, because that smell is hard to eliminate from old furniture (your best bet is to use Dixie Belle’s BOSS, but you do have to seal up the entire piece inside and out).

Anyway, that burn mark meant that this nightstand wasn’t a good candidate for stripping and refinishing.  Instead it was perfect for painting!

But first, I pulled out the Dixie Belle Mud to fill the burn mark, and then while I had it out, I decided to also fill the groove down the middle of the drawer (eliminating that faux two drawer look) plus I filled the holes for the original knobs because they were just a bit too far apart for my new hardware.

If you look closely at that photo you can see that I didn’t quite do a perfect job of disguising those holes for the knobs.  But you really have to be looking to see that.

I suppose those knobs were properly mid-century and certainly were original to the piece, but I thought they looked cheap.  I also wanted to go with gold hardware rather than silver.  I found that drawer pull at Hobby Lobby for $7.99, but knobs were 50% off that day so I only paid $4.

That pull totally elevates the entire look of this nightstand, don’t you think?

I painted it in the new line of paint from Dixie Belle, Silk All-In-One Mineral Paint.  The color I used is called Deep Sea and it’s a fabulous deep navy blue.

This is the first full on piece that I have painted using the new paint so I thought I’d give you all a run down on how this paint compares with their chalk paint starting with this handy chart that they created.

The Silk paint reminds me a bit of Fusion mineral paint, so if you’ve ever used that brand you’ll find this is very similar.  One big difference between the two brands though is that the Dixie Belle Silk paint has a built in stain blocker, and as far as I know the Fusion does not.  That being said, if you like using Fusion, you’ll like the Silk as well.

One big thing to keep in mind with both Fusion and Silk is that prep is more important with these products than with the chalk paints.  For the best results, I recommend a scuff sanding and a good cleaning before painting with Silk, and that’s what I did with this piece.

Let’s talk a minute about brush marks.  This seems to be a topic that gets lots of attention.  If you are super particular about not seeing brush strokes in your paint, you will have to be a bit more careful with the Silk paint than you are used to with the chalk paint.  Especially with the dark colors.  Be sure to use long, even strokes from end to end of your piece (don’t stop in the middle with your brush, this can be especially tricky on larger surfaces like the top of a buffet).  Don’t overwork the paint, in other words don’t keep going over the same spot over and over again.  If you need to go back over an area to get good coverage, wait until your initial coat of paint is dry and then add a 2nd coat.  Finally, be sure to use a synthetic brush with this style of paint.  I used Dixie Belle’s Scarlet Brush on this piece and it worked beautifully.

I got excellent coverage with two coats of paint.  This paint is a fabulous time saver because there is no need to top coat it.  So once your paint is dry, it’s done.  Really, the only complaint I have about this paint is that it doesn’t come in more colors!  I’m sure they’ll add more down the road though.

I happened to have the perfect amount of this paper on hand to line the drawer …

I purchased it on clearance from The Paper Source on Grand Avenue in St. Paul a couple of years ago and I’ve used it on several mid-mod pieces.  It pairs perfectly green, pink and navy.

For the final touch on this mid-mod nightstand, I added a little bit of Dixie Belle’s Gold Gilding Wax to the metal feet.

They were a sort of dull brass color to begin with, so the gold wax just brightened them up nicely.

Now that you can see the ‘before’ and ‘after’ side by side, do you agree that the change in hardware really gave this piece a more sleek, stylish look?

This nightstand is available for sale locally, so be sure to visit that page to get all of the details.

As always, thank you to Dixie Belle for providing the products used in this makeover.  Be sure to visit their website to check out the Silk All-In-One Mineral Paint.

24 thoughts on “perfect for painting.

  1. Oh my word! This little gal is a stunner now. The pull change puts her over the top! For sure going to try this new paint. Love the combo of the brass and navy!! My prediction is it will go fast!


  2. Beautiful! Love the dark blue and gold!
    Question on brush strokes – I have the most problem on the edges. I can do a long brush stroke across the top, but then it might begin to drip along the edge, or I just need to paint the edge trim. So now I’m going the other direction and I always end up with an obvious brush stroke there. I’m sure I’m going back and forth too much as you say. What do you do to alleviate that?


    1. I know exactly what you mean, and I agree that edges are tricky. When I’m planning to distress the piece by sanding the edges, it’s not nearly as big of a deal. But with these mid-mod pieces, I don’t distress them, so it’s more important to keep an eye on those edges. I don’t really have any special tips or advice on that other than to say that I am just very careful. I don’t use too much paint (to avoid dripping), and I’m very careful to paint the edge without letting my brush hit the top of the piece. It also works well to paint the edge first, then let that dry before moving on to the top.


  3. Beautiful! And I normally don’t like mid mod pieces. The colors work great together – what a save for this piece of furniture!❤


  4. Well, you know what Miss Quandie? If the word “quandification” were included in the dictionary, and if illustrations of some words were included, then this little side table would be perfect for that. Definition: “the transformation of a non-entity into something of note and personality by the hand and vision of said transformer”. Boom!


    1. I’m not especially a fan of mid-mod either, but it sells like hotcakes these days. And it can be fun to see some of these pieces transformed!


  5. Love the color? Good call on the new hardware what a transformation. Particularly loved that you spiffed the legs with the gilding wax. Details make such a difference.


  6. You make this look so easy. I happen to see a redone piece in my local Dixie Belle retailer today, and was even more impressed with your work…


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