old mother hubbard went to the cupboard.

Today I’m continuing my series of favorite non-furniture projects with a few different upcycles featuring old cupboard doors.

I’ve always grabbed cupboard doors when I find them cheap at garage sales.  Sometimes they even come with fab vintage hardware, which is always a bonus.

And a while back I also figured out that you can find cupboard doors fairly cheap at the ReStore.

Of course, my favorite thing to do with them is to simply turn them into signs.

Lately I’ve been using up a bunch of wooden knobs by adding them as ‘pegs’ of a sort to the bottom of the signs.

I think my all time favorites of these are the ones I did last Christmas.

Those knobs are perfect for hanging your Christmas stockings.

But I think a simple sign without knobs works well too.

Usually I use stencils to create my cupboard door signs, but sometimes a transfer works well for them too.

The Farm Life transfers from re.design with prima were perfect for creating a set of 4 ‘signs’.

This giant ‘Market’ sign was made using a transfer too.

It’s fun to add a little something extra to the cupboard doors using molds.  I added some molds to this Halloween themed sign …

They are a bit subtle since I painted them the same black as the rest of the sign, but I like that subtle detail.

They are a little bit more noticeable on this one …

And a shell themed mold was the perfect accompaniment to the nautical themed transfer on this pair of doors.

Looking back through my old projects, I realized I’d completely forgotten about one of the projects I did with old cupboard doors.  Although most of them have been made into signs, I made this one into a tray.

Those fork drawer pulls were especially perfect for adding handles to a cupboard door to turn it into a tray.  I think I found those at Hobby Lobby, but when I stopped in there the other day they didn’t have them anymore (or I really didn’t get them there, I’m not sure).  Too bad because I was hoping to find more so I could make some more trays.

Oh well.  I’m sure I’ll find other ways to repurpose old cupboard doors.

How about you, do you like to snatch up old cupboard doors when you see them?  And if so, what have you done with them?

18 thoughts on “old mother hubbard went to the cupboard.

  1. I recently enclosed the second story of my back porch leaving open an area at one end for a balcony. I reused 12 kitchen cabinet doors on the ceiling of this covered balcony. It turned out great and looks fabulous. Thankfully my brother loves to repurpose like I do and he had 12 matching doors sitting in his garage just waiting for the right project.


  2. Love all your cupboard door designs! Hope you find more fork drawer pulls; love them on the tray. Thanks again for your inspirational ideas.


  3. Perfect way to use old doors! I love the ceiling paneling idea from one of your readers. I’ve seen large doors used as wainscot too. I was wondering if you could pick up some antique flatware and have Ken fashion some tray handles. I’m sure he could make those work! I think they’re 10 cents ea. at GW 😉


    1. Great idea Meggan! In fact, I have a stash of pretty antique flatware already. I’ll have to consult with Ken and see if he can figure out how to attach it 🙂


  4. Love all these great signs, but especially the Christmas ones! The idea of hanging Christmas stockings from the knobs is great too – especially for those of us without a fireplace!❤


  5. Oh Miss Quandie! You’re making me feel slump-shouldered and shamed this morning! You’ve gotten sooooooo many projects done! Do you ever truly feel unmotivated? If you say “yes” I’m not sure I’ll believe you )-:


  6. Love the signs! The tray is really sweet. You could also buy old pieces of silverware or stainless flatware & use that for handles.


  7. Love the idea of making trays from cabinet doors! I recently scored a boxful of assorted knobs and drawer handles from a Habitat Restore, and I think I’ll use them to make seving trays for Christmas gifts!


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