notice of decommission.

Who says you have to go over the top with pumpkins and spooky skeletons for Halloween?

How about a more subtle approach?  Like creating the head office at the Olde Salem Sanitarium.

To create my vignette, I started with the farmhouse table from my front porch …

and then I added the firehouse captain’s chair that I purchased at the Tangletown garage sales.

But first I painted the chair using Dixie Belle’s Caviar and then added a stencil to the seat. Dixie Belle’s chalk style paint is my paint of choice when I’m going to stencil over it.  The matte finish creates a surface that sort of grips the paint and helps keep the stencil crisp.  Stenciling over a shinier painted surface seems to allow the stencil paint to slide around a bit more giving it a tendency to seep under the edges of the stencil.

To add a little Halloween spooky-ness, I added this notice of decommission sign to the wall.

This is an old cupboard door that I painted with Dixie Belle’s Midnight Sky, then added the stencil using a pale grey craft paint.

Once I had the door stenciled I decided it need a little more oomph, so I pulled out my Prima Marketing molds and modeling material.  I used the crown from the Royalty mold and a laurel swag sort of thingie from the Sorrento Laurels.

One of the cool things about these molds is that you can customize them somewhat while the modeling material is still soft.  In this case I used the full swag coming down the side of my sign, but I only used half of it across the top creating a corner design.

I also adjusted the swag a little making it skinnier and longer to fit the trim on my door.  I glued it all in place (using a basic wood glue) while the modeling material was still a little bit pliable.  Once it was all fully dry (I waited a full day), I painted the molds black.

Did you notice that amazing vintage desk lamp in my photos?

That is one of my picker Sue’s (who, FYI, is celebrating her birthday today!) finds.  I absolutely love it.  The patina is amazing.  The wiring is original, but it’s still in great shape.  I was surprised to find that the lamp has two settings, dim and bright.

I’m not sure what the ultimate fate of the lamp will be, but for now I’m determined to find a spot for it at my house.  Or I may even just hang onto it for staging future furniture photos, I’m not sure.  As for the chair, it is already sold.

I meant to take the notice of decommission sign into Reclaiming Beautiful to sell but I never quite got around to it, and now it’s a bit too late in the season.  How did that happen?  That trip to Florida just totally threw me off.  I’m going to have to dive right into the Christmas projects next!


10 thoughts on “notice of decommission.

  1. I’m kinda in the less is more camp when it comes to seasonal decor. This vignette ticks all the right boxes especially with the limited color pallet and the stenciling. Really love the lines of that chair too – tons of character. Photography is the bomb. You style and shoot with the best of them.


    1. Thank you so much Victoria! I work hard at that photography thing, but still feel like a total amateur. However, when I look back at some of my old stuff I can see that I’ve definitely improved. I’ve finally purchased some proper lighting and am learning how to work with that (just in time for the dark days of winter). I appreciate your vote of confidence!


  2. It’s all great and yes, the lamp is totally amazing! Love all your staging and vignettes, they are perfect! Stumbled across your blog not too long ago, and have been catching up with your posts. You definitely have improved with your photography – it’s always spot on!


  3. Love what you’ve done here. The lamp is great. I have a similar chair from a lawyer’s office (I think) in our town. It has such a gorgeous finish that I won’t paint it. But I love your black chair. It looks perfect.


    1. The finish on this one was not a nice, worn patina, but more of a beat up, lived in the basement for ten years, kind of look 😉 I generally tend to avoid buying pieces that have a patina that is too good to cover up because I don’t want to be the one to paint them!

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