making the most of winter.

Although I tend to complain now and then about winter, the truth is, I rather look forward to it.  Mainly because it gives me a chance to slow down a bit.  I can spend a Saturday afternoon watching movies on the sofa without feeling like I really should be outside weeding the garden, or refinishing the deck, or painting furniture assembly line style out in my carriage house workshop.

There is also something really peaceful about the quietness of winter.  The windows are all sealed up, so outside noises don’t invade my space.  A nice layer of snow also tends to muffle sound nicely.

I also think winter is one of the most beautiful seasons.  Especially when there is a layer of freshly fallen snow, or a coating of hoarfrost on everything.

I have to admit though, it took me years to learn to appreciate this season and one of the tricks that helped is to find ways to get outside.

Mr. Q and I walk in our local park almost every day throughout the winter, although I admit we took a pass yesterday when the temp was below zero even at noon.  But for the most part we have had a very mild winter this year, which is lucky because it has felt more important than ever to get outside with this whole COVID thing still going on.

Another way I got outside (well, sort of) recently was to head to the Drive Thru Ice & Snow Sculpture Park that was part of the St. Paul Winter Carnival this year.

Typically this is not a drive-thru event, but to keep everyone safe from COVID this year you were able to remain in the heated comfort of your vehicle as you drove through the St. Paul fairgrounds and admired the sculptures.

I much preferred the snow sculptures over the ice sculptures, I think because you could see more detail on them from the car.

Mr. Q opted to stay home, so I was with my sister and niece.  However, as a huge Lord of the Rings fan, he would have really liked this one called “You Shall Not Pass” …

And I think my bff would have loved this one …

I probably should choose this next one as my favorite, you know … because it’s furniture …

But no, I absolutely loved this next one.

It totally brings to mind Georges Méliès Le Voyage dans la Lune.

In hindsight, I think we probably would have been better off going at night when the sculptures are all lit up with colored lights (and the lights and all of their electrical lines running everywhere wouldn’t have been so obvious).

For you locals, I’m sorry to say this event ended last weekend.  But even if I had posted sooner, the tickets (yes, it was a ticketed event) sold out early.  Maybe they’ll do it again next year!  I’m not sure whether to hope for that or not since the drive-thru feature was specifically a result of COVID.

This coming weekend is going to be another tough one.  Our highs are going to be in the negative digits, and that’s the high.  I’m afraid to even look a what the lows will be, let alone the wind chill.  It might be a great weekend to do some of that guilt-free movie watching on the sofa!

13 thoughts on “making the most of winter.

  1. Brrrr! Yikes!! Such low temps. Keep warm and safe. The ice and snow sculptures are fantastic! We have a similar event in Washington in the Spring, except the sculptures are made out of sand. The talent of the artists that do all of these sculptures are amazing 🤩

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  2. A pug!!!! How crazy is that? I wish I could have gone to the park to see the sculptures but I didn’t even know about it. You are right… maybe next year!!


  3. Beautiful pictures! We have been in a real cold snap up here in Alberta Canada this past week and a half. Our temperature with windchill has averaged-56 F. Most schools have shut down for the cold. Very happy that we are starting to warm up, today with windchill it is -31 F.


  4. Lovely photos of winter Linda. While you’re getting frigid weather hopefully it’s some consolation that you have beautiful scenery. Here we have the gray days with rain and fog and more rain. Makes us all the more grateful for the entrance of Spring.
    Your snow sculpture event is amazing. My favorite by far was the moon as well but I was completely unfamiliar with the “Trip to the Moon” French film. That was an interesting read – so thanks for sharing.


    1. Very true. One big plus to the snow is that it really brightens things up, especially when it’s sunny. And I am grateful for the bright, sunny days that come along with the frigid cold.


  5. I agree – I enjoy the slower pace of winter and love watching old movies. Our winter just got very cold and that just presents extra challenges for my chickens, but they are worth the extra work. Lovely pictures! I enjoy winter, but hopefully Spring is just around the corner!


  6. Those are amazing. I’m in the south so we do not get much snow. When we do it’s like a holiday here. Our weather the last several winters has been pretty gloomy. I would much rather have snow than a wet cold rain. Thanks for sharing!


  7. Oh Miss Quandie I just LOVE cozy days! But…… bar is much lower (-: Here in southern California, if it’s in the 60’s and overcast, then that day (or days) qualifies as cozy…….snuggle up and watch a movie cozy! YOUR cozy comes in virtual ERAS and I just love your description of the quietude. So true. My first conscious realization that I loved that feeling was on a freezing, overcast weekend in South Carolina. I was in the sixth grade and I’d checked the book Treasure Island out of the library. I read it over the weekend and still think about how much I loved that snug as a bug feeling……….the St. Paul sculptures are awesome! It’s truly like having a magical ability to be able to create such things (-:


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