a fresh look.

In case you didn’t notice, I’ve changed up my look.  Not personally (although that is well overdue also), but the look of my blog page.

Recently my friend/picker/co-worker/garage sale mentor Sue gently suggested that my blog header needed a makeover.  And she was right, the one I was using was rather dated and didn’t really reflect my most recent work.

I’d added it back in 2016.  Holy cow!  Can you believe it?!  That was nearly five years ago.  Man, time flies.

Here’s the one from before that …

Not terribly different.  Same color palette.  I really loved that buffet painted in Miss Mustard Seed’s Kitchen Scale.

In the very beginning, I used this one.

Once upon a time I changed up my header for the holiday season too.

Hmmm.  Definitely not loving that font/logo.  Ugh.

This past frigid February weekend seemed like the ideal time to sit down and come up with some changes.

This was the first collage I tried.

It features some of my most recent pieces, along with my renewed love of painting things white.  I wasn’t super happy with that center photo though, for some reason it kept ending up blurry looking (even though the original photo on its own is not blurry at all).

So next I switched it up for this …

I like that this one represents the variety of things I do here on q is for quandie.  I’m not just about painted furniture these days.  I was going to stick with this one, but then I thought … hey … maybe I should put one of my painted toolboxes in the mix.

So I came up with this one.


Next up was changing the background.  I felt like my old aqua and white background didn’t work at all with my new photo collage, so I switched it up for simple, chippy, white painted wood.

At that point, my original logo looked totally out of place with its aqua and coral.

I’d paid someone to design that logo for me way back in the beginning.  Not only did I have the colorful one above, but I also had a black one (and a white one) that I used to watermark my photos for a while.

I gave up doing that because I felt like the logo was hard to read as a watermark.  Here’s an example of a photo with this watermark.

For me, the purpose of watermarking my photos is to help people find my blog (not to mark my territory), so I quit using that watermark and just started adding my blog name in a simple, clean, easy to read font to my photos.

Still, I’d paid good money for those logos so I thought maybe I should try using the black one on my blog header.  Nope, it really just wasn’t working.

So I played around on PicMonkey and came up with a couple of different options to try.

First up was this one …

Again, kind of blurry … or maybe it’s just my aging eyesight.

Next I tried this one …

Ah, a bit clearer.  I love the font and it was simple enough to mesh well with the other elements of my header.

But in the end I went with this one …

Really, mainly because it feels really similar to my original font, so I thought it would be a smoother transition to my new look.  But I admit I’m a little on the fence on this one and may end up using one of those first two down the road.

So everybody, what do you think of the new look?  Was it about time?  Should I switch out the logo to one of those non-cursive fonts?  Leave me a comment a let me know.

33 thoughts on “a fresh look.

  1. I love the new look. It’s fresh and clean. The only suggestion I gave is to fill in your logo with a light grey, like a 15% shade, rather than have it white.


  2. I love the freshened up look! It really does reflect your latest work. The other one was completely fine but this one does look more current and it reflects the variety of stuff you do. A win win!


  3. Love the new look. Just nice for a change of pace. I’m liking the first font better for some reason though. Hard to believe you’ve been blogging for so long. And look how good at it you are!


  4. I love the new look! “I found you” because I loved the green painted bedframe that someone had pinned to Pinterest. 🙂


  5. I love the new look! It does show a variety of new projects and current projects that you have done. I think that it is perfect! 😊


  6. Loving it. I think that the one after the “blurry” font looks best. Easier to read than the joined up writing version. It’s going to look fab 👌


    1. You must be a fan of symmetry Victoria! And actually, I probably would have done it that way as well but I couldn’t find a template that was set up that way and I was too impatient to try and figure out how to make my own template. So I went with what they had!


      1. Cursive. I don’t like sharp corners. Like the way cursive flows. And are there really colors other than white??? Well maybe gray. What is the difference between gray and grey? I digress. Love the new look. Stay warm!


  7. I haven’t found one thing I don’t love on your site! I loved your old header, I love your new header and I LOVE all of your projects and inspiration. You have been my favorite blog for a long time now, much to my husband’s dismay!


  8. Noticed your change a bit ago and it’s great. Would the darker gray picture you have first on the left work in the middle to anchor it with the white on each side? I like the block print. I think the pics are a nice mix of all you do and appreciate your blog so much. Don’t stop!!! It is great


  9. I love the photos and the chippy painted wood. They’re all perfect. There’s just something about the font that feels off. I agree with Annie that it needs a color fill or something to make it stand out a bit more. It feels as if it’s lost and floating up there. You’ve earned a more prominent logo.


  10. I do love the new fresh look, but I am a “color” girl and I really love the old header. It always made me happy when I clicked on your post. This one doesn’t catch my interest (like the other one) but it’s still very pretty and does reflect your current type of work that you do!


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